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20 Evaluation Essay Topics on the Most Promising Technologies of the 21st Century

We live in the age of technological paradigms changing at breakneck speed – the world today is very different from what it had been twenty years ago, and the tempo of change has only grown in this time. The way the world is going to be in another twenty years’ time will probably be completely… Read More →

Top 5 New Year Essay Topics

The essay you are required to complete for the class must reveal something important about the topic you are assigned with. When the question is about the New Year’s issues, there’s one thing for sure – this type of the essays includes the so-called personal touch. It can provide the college tutor with the sense… Read More →

Essay: The Argument for Celibacy

Taking into consideration our sex-obsessed society, celibacy may be viewed as a heavy burden that not every person can take. Nonetheless, the old debates over celibacy have popped up in the news again and today “one of the purest priesthood glories” requires more defense than ever before. Talking about the profound reasons for celibacy, one… Read More →