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How Writers are Employed

Writers usually apply to work with our companies. To get employed with us, the writers must write and pass a 4-hour online English test. This reveals their proficiency in English.

Thereafter, the writers are tested on their knowledge regarding format and citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian. It is essential that all papers are cited correctly, and written according to the formats requested by the clients.

Then each applicant must write a sample paper set by our Writers Evaluation Department. This paper is strictly examined, and only if it is flawless, the writer is contracted to work for our company.

The Evaluation of the Paper

The sample paper is assessed by examining the language usage, grammar, spelling, writing style, while professionalism and readability are also assessed. The content is examined to ensure it is sound, up-to-date and correctly cited. The writer, therefore, must demonstrate that they have the knowledge and the writing skills to produce a quality paper.

Ongoing evaluation of writers

Our writers are evaluated by our professional editors twice a month. Three random pages are taken from the writers' works, and the editor checks each page. If there is any drop in standard, the writer is immediately informed, advised and corrected.

Where are the Writers from?

We employ freelance writers from many countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Pakistan, Australia, and Kenya. They are proficient in English, and have earned their academic degrees in various fields. There is an option in the Order Form that will show specifically what category of writer you choose – an ENL (native English writer) or ESL (English as the second writer's language) writer while ordering your paper.

Assigning a Writer

On receipt of your order, we immediately match it to the most qualified writer, according to the category you have indicated. The writer's background, skill and current workload are our main considerations. We expect our clients to receive the best we can offer in terms of academic writing.

Know Your Writer Before He/She is Assigned

Our service offers the customers a unique feature of knowing the writer before they are assigned to compose your paper. For a fee of US $5, you can request a sample of your writer’s previous work, which will help you determine whether or not you are satisfied with the selection. If not, we will appoint another one that you find satisfactory.

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Topic title: Cyber Security
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Guys, what you did is just a wonderful and very high quality job! Your experts are really knowledgeable.
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Discipline: Law
This great writing help turned out to be quite affordable. It's no problem for me to order in future from you.
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Discipline: Technology
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Topic title: International Business Project - Market Entry Report
Discipline: Business Studies
This writing assignment was too difficult for me. I asked one of your guides to help me. Got the draft of the paper shortly. The writer arranged the ideas beautifully. I like the general tone of the writing piece. Its serious and businesslike. I feel the lack of such sort of skills :)
God bless you!
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