Business Studies Coursework

Writing effective business studies coursework requires skills and knowledge that can be obtained through passing business courses. The rigorous learning process helps to focus on the core points in the coursework and dig deeper into the specific concepts. Business studies coursework can be written based on the variety of topics such as the economy, marketing, international trade, supply and demand, e-commerce, supply chain management, and others. While writing coursework, one should follow the particular structure in the flow of research in order to cover the focal points and succeed in the outcomes.
business studies coursework

Getting Started

Business Studies is a broad field that can involve the range of topics depending on the subject of interest. Before focusing on the particular issue, one should indicate the purpose of writing and possible outcomes. One needs to select the particular problem and then, find potential solutions to resolve the issue. The individual should pick up the specific methodology and conduct both primary and secondary research. Of no less importance is carrying out the background research to have a sound basis for further work and elaborate on the topic.

Steps to Follow

After conducting the background study, the person should perform a survey or questionnaire to explore the subject in depth. After this, the results of the poll could be arranged in the table or chart as well as summarized in the separate section. The researcher should select the particular sample size of target participants and elaborate significant questions to ask. The indispensable part of business studies coursework is conducting SWOT analysis aimed at highlighting weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and threats of any business. Furthermore, the individual is required to construct the business plan selecting the type of business analyzed in the coursework. The student should fully describe the business and pick up its unique selling points to show how the product might bring benefits to the customer. Indicating short-term business objectives is also essential to organize the steps to follow in developing the business. One is required to define the type of business ownership, the competitors, and suppliers searching the data in a thorough way.

It is of utmost significance to include the marketing plan section in the business studies coursework that stands as a core chapter in the entire work. In this part, the researcher determines the potential target audience and marketing objectives, the size of the marketing budget as well as means of promoting and advertising the brand. When exploring the certain product or service, one needs to establish pricing and designing some flyers. Another section should involve the financial plan that consists of the detailed measurements involving exact figures.

While writing about the particular business, it is also significant to carry out human resources plan. The researcher should describe the steps that recruiter must follow when hiring a new worker. One should identify the specific personality traits, qualifications, training needed for the vacancy in order to successfully run the business. Moreover, the individual should be able to provide external factors that may influence the business decisions, types of stakeholders engaged in business, means of information and communication technologies utilized within business, and medium and long-term plans. At last, the researcher should include bibliography list with all sources used throughout the research work.

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