College Life Struggle

A Top Must: How Beneficial Attending a College Writing Class Is for Your Future

If you’re a student, you should work hard to be a strong writer. Unfortunately, while some people have a natural ability to express their ideas on paper, others struggle, whether due to limited vocabulary, poor grammar, or simply confusion about what distinguishes strong writing from weak writing. Does this sound like you? If so, it… Read More →

5 Reasons You Need to Stand for Adaptive Learning in Your School or College

“The times are a-changin’”,  Bob Dilan sings. So does the education system and the approach to teaching and learning. With online courses becoming the main source of learning for millions of students worldwide, who have otherwise no possibility to attend real-life courses due to a number of reasons (daily schedule, remoteness, lack of financial resources,… Read More →

How to Stay Fit in College

When going to college there is always a difficult transition period. You need to remember a lot of new things and adjust to new conditions. It is obvious that with all that multitasking there will be a few things you are going to neglect. Having only so much energy left you would probably forget to… Read More →

Makerspaces Are Taking over Campuses!

When we speak of a markerspace, it’s all about a physical location, where everyone is welcome to gather in order to share their knowledge and skills, work on various projects and build. Makerspaces have a wide range of tools, as well as enough space in any environment without academic community, be it a community education… Read More →

The Hierarchy of College Students

The course of training in most American colleges takes four years, and students are usually referred to as belonging to one of the four groups, depending on which year they are in. However, rather than base the names of these groups on the number of the year, American educational system uses its own system of… Read More →

The Peculiarity of Student Humor

Student humor occupies a specific place in the overall classification of humor because of its intermediary position – there are many cases when specific humor is attributed to people belonging to certain nations, religions, cultures, or to people with specific occupations and hobbies. Students don’t fall into any of these subdivisions, because they represent a… Read More →

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