Interesting Stories

5 Life-Changing Inventions Made by Students

You probably have heard about Jack Andraka and his reliable and cheap way to diagnose cancer invented when the young boy was only 15. Or how about the Undercover Color project that is focused on development of a date-rape-drug-detecting nail polish? Something that both of those projects share in common is that they were developed… Read More →

Are you a FoMO?

A lot of students nowadays tend to turn down various social events and give up other opportunities because of the fear of missing something important on the web. Moreover, they never stop checking their social media feeds to make sure they don’t miss anything awesome. That’s what the experts call the Fear of Missing Out… Read More →

Punk Rock: A Little Bit of Freedom

What Punk Rock? Lyrically, Punk Rock is the music style that is strongly associated with freedom. The artists representing the genre have an opportunity to fearlessly express what is inside of them without being criticized for what they think or do. Besides that, the majority of Punk Rock singers are absolutely free and they do… Read More →

8 Greatest Accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin

Every kid knows Benjamin Franklin because of his interesting experiments with electricity in the first place. The postmaster, diplomat and author, he was also a great philosopher, inventor and philanthropist. This man made multiple contibutions to the world society, but, nevertheless, we will review only eight of his greatest accomplishments. Already at the age of… Read More →

5 Most Evil Characters in Literature

Evil is one of the aspects that grab our attention in the world literature. It goes hand-in-hand with Friendship, Love, Fate and Death. Sooner or later, every reader will get a chance to have a so-called “date” with Evil once he/she dives into the world of the book. Unfortunately, none of us can predict the… Read More →

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