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Category Archives: Writing Tips

Free writing tips for students to complete their custom assignments.

Example of a Good Resume

A resume is a written compilation of the education results, working experience, personal accomplishments, and credentials that are used to apply for vacant job positions. It is one of the most important elements of any hiring application. A resume is always the first document that an employer can look at, so it can serve as… Read More →

How to Boost Writing Process Having a Custom College Essay Sample

No matter what subject you study in college, you’ll have to write an essay at some point. In facts, odds are good that you’ll have to write even several. If expressing your thoughts on paper isn’t your strongest talent, this assignment might intimidate you. That said, it doesn’t have to. To get started, hire an… Read More →

A Top Must: How Beneficial Attending a College Writing Class Is for Your Future

If you’re a student, you should work hard to be a strong writer. Unfortunately, while some people have a natural ability to express their ideas on paper, others struggle, whether due to limited vocabulary, poor grammar, or simply confusion about what distinguishes strong writing from weak writing. Does this sound like you? If so, it… Read More →

3 Catchy Issues to Cover in a College Term Paper on Chemistry

When you’re in college, you’ll have to write a college term paper at some point. In fact, odds are good you’ll have to write a few. This is true no matter what your major is. However, it can be difficult to write anything interesting about certain subjects. If you’re a chemistry student, for example, you… Read More →

Details Matter! How a Case Study Layout Can Support the Whole Paper

If you’re studying Business, Marketing, or a related subject, you’ll almost definitely be asked to draft a case study during your schooling. This is an important project, as it demonstrates to your professor that you not only grasp the class material well enough to do effective research but also that you grasp it well enough… Read More →

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