Writing Tips

Case Study Grading Rubric

Without a doubt, case study assignments are beneficial for the students who aim to deepen their knowledge in the areas of business studies, business management, human resources management, and marketing. Similar to any other type of educational activities, there usually is a particular case study grading rubric that allows an educator to evaluate the quality… Read More →

Case Study Format Template

Writing a case study research paper is a very common task, hence the case study format template is surely bound to come in handy. When students are assigned to the particular case study, they are expected to reveal academic adequacy and competence when filling the paper in with content. The paper has to show that… Read More →

Case Study for Social Work

Case study for social work is designed to integrate the educational experience or participation in the social services into the written form. The document allows reflecting the diversity and complexity of social work practices involving the variety of approaches, styles, techniques. Case study for social work describes the process of accomplishing social work, the range… Read More →

Case Study Analysis Example

In the course of studying, students have to write a case study analysis in order to reveal a thorough and clear understanding of a particular problem related to their professional environment. In fact, in order to write such type of academic work, students have to conduct professional and scrutinized investigation of all events that occurred… Read More →

Case Study Advantages and Disadvantages

The case study is one of the kinds of research approach, and it is used all over the world to obtain accurate results concerning various projects. Apart from that, case studies are an effective way to find out all the details and features of the particular business, product, system, or service. However, there is a… Read More →

Case Study Abstract

Writing a case study abstract is one of the most common and important academic tasks, which are assigned to students during their years of education. Students are often appointed a peculiar case that is related to their field of study and requires their detailed and comprehensive analysis. They are required to conduct research on the… Read More →

Capstone Project Proposal Examples

Writing a capstone paper is not a simple task, however, the capstone project proposal examples should provide some insight on the first steps of the assignment. The capstone project is the assignment that students anxiously anticipate, knowing that its completion requires a significant amount of time and effort. Such thoughts do not arise without a… Read More →

Capstone Project Examples

It is often a good idea to look up capstone project examples before submitting one’s own proposal for such an important assignment. Students are required to complete a complicated and difficult task by the end of their educational program. This task, which is assigned during the final semester of school, is usually known as the… Read More →

Capstone Assignment

Capstone assignment is a written academic work that is conducted during the final year of study, or at the end of a particular course of learning. Such kind of an individual work can take many forms, depending on the requirements, approved by an educational establishment, and curriculum peculiarities. Capstone assignment is a very important kind… Read More →

Business Study Online

The rapid development of the technologies and a worldwide spread of the Internet are now providing every willing individual with a variety of opportunities. These opportunities also include the ability to study online, from home. Although some may consider this type of education to be ineffective in comparison to the traditional academic environment practices, in… Read More →

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