Case Study Format Template

Writing a case study research paper is a very common task, hence the case study format template is surely bound to come in handy. When students are assigned to the particular case study, they are expected to reveal academic adequacy and competence when filling the paper in with content. The paper has to show that the student has not merely read but analyzed the assigned case and clearly understand its meaning in terms of the corresponding field of education. A case study is not simply a random article or situation; it is a practical example of a scenario when the same skills and knowledge that the student presumably possesses could have come to a test. The facts and findings that are gathered in the case study all have to be properly structured. Furthermore, the structure is one of the first things that draw the attention of the target reader or, in this case, the evaluating tutor. As a result, it would be beneficial to become accustomed to the case study format template in order to better understand how to organize one’s thoughts in a case study paper.
case study format template
The first step that one should take when completing the case study task is read the assigned case article with utmost attention and thoroughness. During this process, a good suggestion would be to take notes of important facts as they would reveal to be very helpful later. After reading the case, one should conduct a brainstorming session. It is important to analyze and evaluate the importance of the case. One should aim to answer the questions of what was the point of the case, what was the outcome of the given situation, how it was achieved, and why it is important. Taking notes on this step would also be beneficial because it would help to build an outline. The outline is an important part not only because it helps the reader to navigate within the paper but because it assists the writer in structuring his or her thoughts in a logical manner. Once the outline is set, one should begin writing the paper by structuring it in three main components:

  • The introduction, which features background information and the thesis statement;
  • The body, which consists of the main ideas and arguments of the author about case study;
  • The conclusion, which summarizes the thoughts and provides an afterthought.

The following format template should shed light on the concept of writing a case study paper:

Case Study

The sphere of ________________________ featured a significant amount of advances in the recent years. The assigned case study is a good example because it depicts the situation where ____________________________________________________________________ . As a result, one would suggest that this is important because ______________________________ .
The case study revealed that ______________ is important in the field of _____________________. The reason for this lies in the fact that:
– Argument I;
– Argument II;
In order to summarize, the sphere of _________________ has undergone a lot of changes. The case study has provided valuable evidence to suggest that the concept of ____________________________ is important for the practice of _____________________ . Therefore, one would suggest that this topic requires further research and development.

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