Case Study Grading Rubric

Without a doubt, case study assignments are beneficial for the students who aim to deepen their knowledge in the areas of business studies, business management, human resources management, and marketing. Similar to any other type of educational activities, there usually is a particular case study grading rubric that allows an educator to evaluate the quality of a completed assignment. Surely, some aspects of the case study grading rubric may vary depending on the policy of a particular educational establishment. However, in general, there are several crucial points that almost always are taken into consideration during the process of assessing the overall quality of a student’s work. Among these most important aspects, it is possible to mention the presence of a well-defined strategic issue, justified arguments, valid data, relevant recommendations, and coherence and professionalism of narration in the paper.
case study grading rubric
To begin with, one can safely say that it is crucial to define a strategic issue or multiple thereof correctly in order to write a case study of high quality. During the process of evaluating student’s ability to analyze a particular situation, an educator has to pay attention to the moment whether the paper demonstrates knowledge regarding the present situation in a company or organization. Moreover, it is also highly important to keep in mind that a student has to clearly identify the main issue without trying to summarize all the information presented in the original case.

Secondly, for this type of assignment, a student has to do a high-quality job in terms of providing the potential reader with well-justified arguments. In order to grade the work, a teacher has to evaluate whether the paper is logically organized. For a well-written case study, it is also necessary to present clearly defined key points and key arguments supported by the relevant data or information from various scholarly sources. Overall, one can say that an educator has to pay attention to the aspects of:

  • the relevance of arguments;
  • the reasoning behind them;
  • the logical flow in their presentation.

Thirdly, it is highly important to utilize the most relevant and actual data in order to justify his or her point of view. Usually, this type of assignment also requires the use of academic works only. More often than not, referring to the unreliable sources like web encyclopedias is unacceptable. Fourthly, one of the main aspects of a case study assignment is providing possible solutions and recommendations for a company or organization. Consequently, a student has to present his or her ideas regarding various potential improvements in such a way that there is an evident connection between them and the issues identified beforehand.

Without a doubt, when it comes to grading this type of work, the aspect of following the general guidelines of the academic style of writing. In particular, the manner of narration has to be highly professional and coherent. It is also essential for the paper to be objective, with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. All things considered, it is possible to conclude that during the process of evaluating a case study assignment, an educator has to pay attention to the points like the definition of a certain strategic issue, presence of justified arguments, use of valid data, relevant recommendations, and coherence and professionalism of narration in the work.

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