Case Study Project Examples

Generally speaking, one can observe that all well-written case study project examples have certain features in common. All high-quality works of this type demonstrate clarity of thought, coherence, and professionalism. Moreover, the perfect case study project examples also carefully follow the guidelines of an academic style of writing and make use of relevant, actual, and reliable data only. Overall, one can say that case study assignments are usually not that difficult to complete; however, one still has to apply a significant amount of effort in order to properly present the information.
case study project examples
Undoubtedly, the specifics in the instructions for the case study project assignments may vary depending on the field of research, an educator’s teaching approach, and the policy of a particular educational establishment. Nevertheless, in most cases, a case study project consists of the following elements:

  • a written analysis of a specific organization, company, or brand;
  • presentation slides or another type of visual aids;
  • group or individual presentation of the completed assignment.

It is worth to note that even though the full project usually has these three main elements, more often than not, composing a written analysis is the most important part of the work. This has to do with the fact that the following steps all imply using the written part as an information basis.

Case Study: Lush

Background of the Company

Over the course of the years, Lush has been relatively successful in maintaining its positions on the market of organic, natural, and cruelty-free beauty products. This brand’s creative approach to marketing, attention to packaging, and innovativeness of some of their products are the main factors that account for its success. Nevertheless, recently, the number of competitors on this market has risen, which might be a serious threat to the company’s leading positions.

Solution for the Problem

Currently, this brand’s products are mostly available to the upper middle class and upper-class customers because of their higher price. A wise idea for Lush could be to implement various discount and loyalty programs in order to attract more clients from other economic groups. There is also a possibility to switch some of the ingredients used in their products for the less expensive alternatives. Naturally, a business strategy of this kind is going to make Lush cosmetics somewhat more affordable to the general public. Besides that, this brand is notorious for the low performance of its make up products in terms of durability and staying power. Improving this aspect of company’s business activity will also broaden the group of the customers who are potentially interested in buying Lush products.

Advantages of Implementing Solutions

One can safely conclude that implementing the previously proposed solutions will greatly facilitate Lush with maintaining its positions on the market of organic and natural beauty. Improving the quality of their make-up and making their products more affordable can potentially attract a great number of new customers. Naturally, this will help the company to overcome the currently important threat coming from its main competitors, the brands like The Body Shop, Moon Harvest, Witch Baby Soap, and Organix Cosmetix.

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