Customer Service Report Format

Customer service report format is a form of informal analysis that accesses all customer service requests related to the company’s business activity. Prosperous organizations involve clients to share their feedback on the official websites or various blogs and forums to estimate the accuracy of its strategies and objectives. Consumers can evaluate the level of services, the quality of new products, prices, or their availability. Companies often provide the customers with free space for detailed opinions on their public networks. Furthermore, this aim can be achieved by the ranking that is simpler and more intelligible than the publishing of comments.

Types of Customer Services

According to the various types of customer services, there are six overall customer service reports used by most of the organizations.

  • The number of requests received per day – a report that shows the quantity of applications an organization operated within last days. It demonstrates the primary customer demands to let the company regulate the production and supply of the particular products and services.
  • The number of requests closed per day – a report which provides the examination of the number of appeals coming from the company’s employees closed within last days. It lets an organization evaluate the quality and productiveness of its workforce.
  • The average response time – a report which accounts the enterprise for defining the needful time for the solution of customer issues and appreciating the speed and quality of staff work. The calculation of the average response time index includes the time for giving a request by a client and the time for processing it by an assistant.
  • The average handle time – a report which permits the executives to establish the least period for handling customer issues and evaluates the correspondence of the employees number and their experience to the working conditions. This indicator is determined as the time from the review of a customer issue to the giving of a response by an agent.
  • The number of messages per owner – a report which represents the quantity of messages received from a client by a company’s assistant who personally works with the client. It appreciates the quality of the work of the particular handler.
  • The number of requests created per month – a report which provides an organization with the number of customer requests within the last month to define its high and low seasons.

The customer service report format has to include:

  1. Names of the objects the company refer to (for instance, names of particular workers, departments, or a whole organization).
  2. Date, time, and location (the data of the report is constantly changeable and actual for the particular moment, which requires the information about the place of the meeting and its exact time).
  3. Purpose (the primary objectives of the report aimed at improvement of enterprise’s service, overcoming of its weaknesses).
  4. Issues (the description of a current situation of an organization and the recitation of all existent problems received from the customer requests and feedbacks according to the topic of the report).
  5. Body (the representation of solutions for the above-noted issues, near-term plans referred to the satisfaction of the customer requirements).
  6. Recommendations (suggestions, comments, and wishes addressed to whole staff, a particular department, or specific positions).

Customer service report has to be supplemented by the appropriate schemes, diagrams, and photos for better understanding of the information.

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