Customer Service Reports

Customer service report is a practice of summarizing and evaluating customers’ requests and cooperation with the clients during the process of responding to the customers. This strategy is significant for analyzing the efficiency of the customer service and revealing possible issues with the communications. There can be different factors mentioned in the customer service reports. However, the number of customers’ requests remains the stable requirement for completing the report document.

In the modern world with the rapid development of the e-commerce model of business, customer service report became a significant part of the business strategy. The customer service report is usually constructed as the proportion of the number of requests to the number of responses per day, week, month or year. Also, customer service reports can include applications that were closed by each user, contain a number of messages, the average time for responses and handling period. The detailed customer service report can not only track the customers’ satisfaction but serve as a reliable tool to develop and build the successful business strategy. For example, monitoring the time of response can reveal the problems with delayed answers and, therefore, boost the idea of designing the templates for responses to fasten the customer service process.

The phenomenon of e-commerce suggests that customer can see the desired product via photos and evaluate it through the descriptions made by the company. In this case scenario, customer service becomes a crucial factor in developing the online-business since most people prefer clear and precise responses to the product rather than waiting for answers. The high speed becomes one of the essential value to the modern society and usually associates with the futuristic approach that is the “permanent trend”. Therefore, to win the e-commerce competition, it is crucial to provide the high-quality customer service. The customer service report, in its turn, is the primary tool to track the customers’ preferences, tendencies or perspectives. Through the analysis of the messages and requests, it is possible to point out specific trends that are popular with customers in particular sphere at the current moment.

Helpful Tips

Thus, to write accurate customer service report, it is essential to follow the specific structure and thus to compose the collected data in the most precise way. The format of the customer’s service report is similar to any report with few modifications due to the specifics. Hence, it includes the formalities in a title, such as an addressee, date, time and locations items. After the title section, the report suggests summary, introduction, body, conclusions, recommendations, and appendices. The body of the report consists of purpose statement, with the addition of bullet-pointed issues, the suggestions of resolutions and plans to the nearest future. The report can be completed with graphs and tables to visualize the results. However, it is better to use images in the customer service reports per month or per year to spot the dramatic differences or changes.

The language of the customer’s service report is formal and requires accuracy and avoiding figurative meanings. Although the report demands formal style, it is better to use names and pronouns when writing about people since it is easier to connect to the described situations in the report. Also, it is better to use simple language to achieve the possible clearness of the statements. In composing the report, it is better to focus on one most significant problem and develop it from the different angles. Following the structure and writing in paragraphs helps to concentrate on particular aspects and track the development of the examination of the situation. Also, the report as the type of writing usually suggests the observed facts that present the most accurate evidence for the conclusions and recommendations. Therefore, some professionals recommend to include bullet style to highlight and arrange the most significant aspects of the core information.

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