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Slides are the powerful weapon that can be used for enhancing any presentation or speech in academic and business fields. Representing valuable information through visuals, one helps to grab audience’s attention and make the speech memorable. Sometimes it can be difficult to prepare effective slides oneself, and in such situation, the customer service can provide help. Creation of customer service slides is a complicated process that requires some skills and preparation. Thus, here are five steps that ensure the useful hints and explain the best approaches to the creation of customer service slides.

Identify Customer’s Requirements and Expectations

Before starting work on customer service slides, it is critically necessary to determine a client’s needs and expectations to the completed work as it will help to increase customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. The creator of the slides should start with the careful examination of the provided instructions, guidelines, and files until the requirements will become understandable. If something is unclear, the executor should ask the customer to clarify the instructions via message or a phone call. The focus on the customer’s needs will simplify the process of information search and content creation. Moreover, attention to the client’s needs will help to avoid revisions and prevent customer’s negative image about the service.

Create Attention-Getting Content

The high-quality customer service slides should deliver fascinating and useful information. Therefore, the second significant step in slides creation is content development. Outline the slides to understand what exact information should be placed on the screen. Search on the topic and choose the credible sources to write a worthy text. Include statistic data and results of reliable studies to prove your statements and make the writing more trustable. Add some interesting facts to make slides content more attention-getting for the audience. Make sure that text for the slides is well-flowing, logical, and plagiarism free as well.

Make Creative Design Decisions

When it comes to customer service slides, visual effects have the same value as the quality content. Therefore, the executor should pay particular attention to the slides’ design. Standard PowerPoint templates can barely interest the audience. Therefore, try to choose or create an original template that matches the topic and creates a ‘wow’ effect at first sight. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors and font styles because the audience always appreciates the creative visuals. Make efforts to contrast text and background picture; dark inscriptions should be placed on the light background and conversely. Avoid motley backgrounds because they hinder the perception of the objects placed on the slides. Overall, try to exceed customer’s expectation by involving a full potential of your creativeness and aesthetic taste.

Keep Slides Simple and Brief

The important part of the presentation is to support the speech by visual information and make it stronger. Therefore, slides should not be overflowing with text and other visuals as it interferes with speech perception. Use the limited number of the words, usually no more than 80-100 words per slide. Also, simplify the text of the slides as the audience should be mostly focused on the speech instead of reading the information from the presentation. Therefore, keep slides brief and straightforward.

Add Charts, Graphs, and Pictures

To make the customer service slides more attention-getting and attractive, the executor should complement them with pictures, graphs, charts, and videos. Graphs and charts help to summarize complex statistical data, trends, and proportions and represent it in a perceivable way. Moreover, the placement of the pictures and videos that supplement the text on the slides is another smart decision as they reinforce the perception of the written words. Overall, charts, graphs, and pictures help to enhance the slides and make them more efficient.

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