3 Excuses to Buy Essay Review That Your Professor Will Pardon

college professorsIf you’ve used an essay or paper writing service for your course work, it can be a little nerve-racking to think of what you will say to your professor if they find it out. Many students turn to buy essay review because of the sheer number of assignments they are faced, but if your professor discovers that you have paid for a paper, it can be extremely helpful to have some tried and tested excuses up your sleeve. Here are three excuses which will often receive a pardon from your professor.

1. You’re Using It As a Sample

If you’ve bought an essay review and you need a quick answer when your professor asks why, one of the best excuses is to say that it’s a sample. Explain to your professor that you will not put your name on the paid-for essay, rather you want to see a sample essay before you begin your own writing.

You can also emphasise the point that you need a sample essay to learn how to create the best structure for your own work or learn to correctly write certain sections, such as bibliography.

Your professor will most likely be happy to pardon a sample essay if you convincingly explain that it is a form of the research and that you simply want your own essay to be the best it can possibly be.

2. You’re Using It As a Reference

Another commonly used and believable excuse is that you are using the bought essay review as a reference. When you are asked, tell your professor that it was very difficult to come across the right research for your essay. Say that you have ordered the essay review because of the lack of books and other traditional references on the subject – making it clear that you have no intention to plagiarise any of the works, and that you will simply be quoting and referencing sectors which are relevant to your own work.

3. You’re Using It As a Comparison

Tell your professor that you have already completed your own essay and that you want to compare it to someone else’s work in order to check if it is of the same standard. Make sure to emphasise the fact that you have chosen an excellent essay review as the document you wish to compare your own work to. This excuse will work well because your professor will believe that you are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of work possible as well as letting your professor know that you have taken some time to thoroughly proof-read and edit your own piece.

If you have some excuses ready before your professor asks, you’ll find that you are prepared to answer any question they might have about your reasoning behind ordering an essay review. Think of these three excuses as hidden aces up your sleeve and keep them in mind the next time you are hoping your professor will pardon you.

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