Customer Service Studies

The customer service aims to meet the needs of the shoppers during the provision of the service. The world is continually changing influencing the lives of the clients and raising the new challenges before the service providers. The customer service studies contemplate the analysis of the trends, patterns, and operation of the services and clients, including the evaluation of the customers’ feedback towards the service. The studies help to improve the businesses and the customer value as knowing the flaws appeared in the communication with the customer or failure of fulfilling the particular needs helps to prepare for or avoid them in future. Thereby, the customer studies set the standards for the market which every company can follow to improve their relations with customers. The customer service studies are the tools for business improvement and customers’ satisfaction increase.

The Loyalty Programs

The research on the loyalty programs helps to understand their effectiveness and select the factors which define the success of the particular plan. For instance, the study of Wang, Lewis, Cryder, and Sprigg shows that the successful loyalty program should have the reachable goal for the customer. It provides encouragement and satisfaction.

The Importance of Social Media

The Social Habit research identifies which age groups use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ more frequently. For example, Instagram users are usually 14-20 years old. However, the Facebook audience includes different age groups and is the most comprehensive. The research is the useful tool for determining the style of service provision and response.

The difference between Paying for and Expectation of Service

The study by the ECHO outlines that there is a division among the customers: some of the people expect the excellent service from the American Express company, while others are ready to pay for it. Accordingly, it helps the firm to meet the needs and satisfy their customers.

The Personalization Matters

The research by Researchscape International on the use of the personalization shows that 88% of marketers agree that clients require personalized experience. The personalization supports the relations with customers.

Poor Service Results in Reduced Revenues

The report for American Express also reveals that the income directly depends on the quality of service due to the surveys of the client’s failure to produce the excellent service. Taking into consideration the impact of the social media and recommendations of the clients, the operation of the company derives from the quality.

Online Support

The recent report of Super Office states that the live chat service begins to prevail over the email and phone service. The faster response and the technology development can explain this fact. The particular reports outline the critical principles for the support service.

Perception of the Best Service

Another finding of the Super Office is concerned with the insights of the clients on the best customer service. According to the responses of the customers, the essential elements of excellent service refer to the quick reply, positive attitude towards clients, and the finding of the solution in the single operation. Following, the survey provides the principles for the companies to meet.

Abandonment of Purchase Stems from the Response

The Customer Lifecycle Survey reveals that more than 50% of clients may abandon online shopping if there is a slow response. This piece of statistics indicates that the majority of the customers value their time.

The Transcript Matters

The increased use of live chats brings the new needs of the customers to fulfill. The recent studies prove that the copy of scripts of chat conversations contributes to the establishment of long-lasting experience with the clients. In fact, only 45% of companies provide it.

The Importance of the Customers

The Glance report states that 70% of the customers who were dissatisfied with the service or had the problems with the operation of the business returned to the company after the overcome of the problem. Correspondingly, the study shows the importance of communication, meeting the needs of the customers, and setting the standard for finding the solution for every problem.

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