20 Evaluation Essay Topics on the Most Promising Technologies of the 21st Century

evaluation essayWe live in the age of technological paradigms changing at breakneck speed – the world today is very different from what it had been twenty years ago, and the tempo of change has only grown in this time. The way the world is going to be in another twenty years’ time will probably be completely unlike today. That is why trying to predict the future is more important than ever – and you are more than likely to need some evaluation essay topics about promising new technologies to get through college. Here are some to help you out.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Risks
  2. Nanotechnology: Benefits and Dangers
  3. Potential of Self-Driving Cars
  4. Desalination as a Way to Solve Water Crisis
  5. Possible Directions of Biotechnology Development in 21st Century
  6. The Implications of Connected World
  7. Cold Fusion: Pathological Science or the Hope of the World?
  8. Project Loon: A Crazy Attempt to Bring Internet to Everyone
  9. Ultra-Photosynthesis as a Solution for World Hunger
  10. Liquid Biopsy and Rapid DNA Sequencing – the Future of War on Cancer
  11. Brain Organoids – Discovering the Secretes of Dementia and Other Neurological Disorders
  12. Will Gene Editing Become a Fact of Everyday Life?
  13. Is Indoor Farming the Future of Agriculture?
  14. Reusable Rockets: The Start of the New Space Age
  15. Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Everyday Life
  16. Cryptocurrency and the Future of the World Economy
  17. Drones: a Passing Fad or New Way of Life?
  18. Augmented Reality: from Pokemon Go to… What?
  19. High-Density Portable Power Cells and Their Applications
  20. Genetic Engineering: Possibilities, Dreams and Dangers

As you may see, the sheer scope of technological progress, both in the recent years and the one that is likely to happen over the next decade or two is staggering. If you are ever given an assignment to write something about futurology and make predictions about the technology of near and distant future, you are given almost complete freedom of expression, for topics covering this area are diverse and deal with every possible area of interest, from computer technology to agriculture to space exploration.

Many of the technologies mentioned here are still in very early stages of development or even exist only as a possibility, with us being unable to judge for sure if they are at all possible. However, that’s exactly the name of the game when it comes to futurology – no amount of speculation can completely prepare us to what future is going to be like, and predictions usually turn out to be true more by sheer luck than by careful evaluation of all possibilities.

In the long run, whichever topic you choose, you will tell about your own vision of future implied by technologies that are going to change our life. So don’t worry about sounding realistic – after all, things that belong in everyday life now were considered impossible a mere thirty years ago.

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