The 10 Hardest Universities to Get into

Many students-to-be aspire to enter a prestigious university; and it is only logical, for both the quality of education and job prospects rely heavily on it. However, the more prestigious the university is, the harder it is to get into. Here are 10 universities that are especially notorious in this respect.

1. Harvard University

Harvard is by far the hardest higher education institution to get into on Earth. The admission rate is 6% – higher than in some cases, but you have to meet very tough criteria to be even considered for admission.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Admission rate is about 9%, which doesn’t seem too bad… but it doesn’t matter much, for if you don’t score almost 100% in the math section of your SATs, you have literally zero chances of getting in.

3. Stanford University

Stanford has about the same admission rate as Harvard, and the only reason it doesn’t share the first place is its geographical position – residing on the West Coast it has few competitors, while Harvard has the entire Ivy League to contend with, and still manages to dominate over them.

4. Yale University

With the admission rate of about 7%, Yale University is known for its extremely well-developed alumni network, which makes it incredibly difficult for an outsider to make a way into.

5. Princeton University

Alongside with Yale, Princeton is probably the only institution that can compete with Harvard’s brand name, being habitually associated with academic excellence and selectivity.

6. Amherst College, Mass.

A relatively small private institution like Amherst College may be as competitive as an Ivy League member. Although its admission rate is around 15%, its enrollment is only 1700 students, which means that only 255 students every year manage to join it.

7. Seoul National University, South Korea

South Korea is among the countries that pay greatest attention to education. SNU is the most prestigious institution in Korea and one of the best in Asia, with admission rate of about 0,5% – among the lowest in the world.

8. Peking University, China

China is the fastest growing economy in the world, and Peking University is the best of the country’s 2000 higher education institutions. Official admission rates are not divulged, but rumored to be even lower than in SNU.

9. Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Oxbridge remain two of the world’s top-rated universities, although they are more concerned with applicants’ economic standing than academic prowess, which provides for one of the most elitist educational environments possible.

10. U.S. Air Force Academy

If you think that military academies are for those who cannot get anything better, think again. USFA has an admission rate of 13% and is very careful about selecting future military officers. Some people may find it easier to get into the Ivy League.

All these institutions are incredibly difficult to get into: some due to insanely high demand for their services, others due to specific requirements. But those who manage to overcome the hurdles may be sure – they won’t have a hard time finding employment in future.

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