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One of the Sample Psychology Essays to Help You on the Way: Family Therapy

Generally, family therapy can be described as a popular and globally recognized psychotherapeutic approach that is aimed at families as systems rather than on individuals. A family is considered as a basic social unit, on the one hand. On the other, it is a system of mutually related individuals who maintain close emotional connections with… Read More →

Want to Improve Your Brain? Just Write an Essay!

Conducting research and writing essays is one of the activities that make your brain work at full speed. If you would like to increase your intellectual capabilities, boost your memory, concentration and even IQ level, just make sure to write an essay or two. Writing works perfectly and here are some reasons why: – Writing… Read More →

Essay Sample on Elizabeth Cady Stanton: a True Woman and Leader

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was she? A dedicated mother and wife? A crusader or catalyst? A feminist, who hid her family’s past, while stealing credit for the work of others in the movement of women’s rights? A writer, public speakers and philosopher? For different people and in different epochs, this lady had a little from… Read More →