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Tribute to Lee Israel

In the 1970s and 80s Lee Israel was one of the successful writers of the era. Living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the woman kept a cache of old typewriters: Adlers, Remington’s, Olympias and Royals, while writing biographies of the famous actress Tallulah Bankhead, cosmetics magnate Estee Lauder and the journalist Dorothy Kilgallen. In the… Read More →

Analysis of Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” Plot

The majority of typical stories begin with a bunch of various ingredients: the starting point (situation), the central conflict, climax, tension, denouement and ending up. The brightest writers tend to shake the recipe a bit in order to add some really hot spice to it. The book “The Joy Luck Club” written by Amy Tans… Read More →

Critics Might Make a Mistake: Underappreciated Authors

It’s not a secret that sometimes the writers are far ahead the time they live in, and their masterpieces are not as appreciated and beloved by their contemporaries as they are by the XXI century generation. This unfortunate phenomenon is related to many well-known names that haven’t got the credit they deserved at the right… Read More →