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I Study on Facebook

Every internet user will agree that the popularity of Facebook, as well as the other social networking web sites, is constantly growing. The good thing about that is that a lot of students nowadays have learnt to make use of Facebook for educational purposes. They have realized that using social networking they will get an… Read More →

Occupation: a Professional All Nighter

It’s only 2 pm and you’re absolutely exhausted. You’re doing your best in order to fight a strong desire to go to the dreamland, but it’s all in vain. You simply do not know how to stay awake when you need it the most. Would you like to get to know some of the basic… Read More →

Creative? No, Just Lazy

Almost every student has a confession to make – he is lazy. While most of the time they are required to stay 100% productive – they do their best in order to focus on the assignments, let us be honest – we all are human beings and, as they say, to err is human. Laziness… Read More →

Tips on How to Reawaken Creativity

We all encounter situations in which our imagination and creativity run dry, and there seems to be no way to reanimate them. One solution is to simply wait and hope that inspiration comes when it comes. However, it is too passive an approach; there’re some better ways to try to get it back. 1. Surround… Read More →

Journaling. Writing Can Be Interesting

What is journaling? Some of the online resources define journaling as an act of writing the stuff down anywhere. “Anywhere” literally means that one can write the things down using anything he finds appropriate. It really doesn’t matter what and where! That is one of the reasons why journaling is getting more and more popular… Read More →

Problems with Studying: How to Find a Private Tutor?

Having a qualified and skilled private tutor is one of the most effective ways to improve your knowledge in any high school, college or university discipline. But the problem is that it’s not an easy task to find a tutor, who will meet your requirements and provide you with the guidance you are in need… Read More →

An Ideal College

Once the learning needs, the strengths and the support level of the student are successfully delineated, time to study the college characteristics comes! Why not to start with considering different types of educational establishments? Public community colleges, 2-year or 4-year colleges, private junior colleges, universities, professional school and many more are there at the students’… Read More →

How Do You Propose to Spend the Long Vacation

Once the college is out for hot summer, all that students are in need of is just to sit back and have the laziest time of the year. But, the thing is that wild spending during the long vacation will 100% burn all the savings you have successfully gathered. Well… you are definitely in need… Read More →

Effective Reading: Tips for Students

Here comes the students’ life, right? Congratulations and…be brave, pal! When you’re a university or a college newbie, the number one thing you have to be faced with is the amount of printed materials you must read and comprehend. Nonetheless, you have an opportunity to learn how to get ready for the reading marathon and… Read More →