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Book Reviews on Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

So, you’ve just finished the last line of the post-apocalyptic fiction, where some event has wiped out almost the whole humanity. It’s pretty possible that your characters are struggling to survive after the apocalyptic event and trying to restore the world they live in. And now you are required to write a few things on… Read More →

On the Usefulness of Clichés

Why does everybody seem to hate clichés so much? Whenever a writer or a public speaker makes use of them he is invariably being mocked for failing to find a better, more original way of expressing the same thought. He becomes the subject of sarcastic remarks concerning his literary or oratory abilities – just because… Read More →

Challenging Yourself: PhD Dissertation

Whatever you think of your academic capabilities, writing a PhD dissertation is almost certain to become a challenge and cause you some problems. The reason is simple – it is a completely new experience, a work of a completely different scale from anything you’ve tried so far. However, any hardship can be overcome if you… Read More →