Want to Improve Your Brain? Just Write an Essay!

essay writingConducting research and writing essays is one of the activities that make your brain work at full speed. If you would like to increase your intellectual capabilities, boost your memory, concentration and even IQ level, just make sure to write an essay or two. Writing works perfectly and here are some reasons why:

Writing helps us think clearly.

The best thing about writing is that this process provides an individual with a pocket of time required to reflect, ponder and think deeply. Writing the simplest essay is an excellent technique to find out what you’re looking for and what it all means. To cut it short, writing is the right tool to organize your thoughts and gain new perspective on what you already know.

Writing helps your brain to learn more.

According to research conducted by Daniel Oppenheimer and Pam Mueller from Universities of California and Princeton, when you write, you give your brain a chance to see things more clearly and absorb the important facts. That explains why college students make sure to take notes of professors’ lectures. They learn more than their peers who don’t make use of the benefits of writing.

Writing keeps your mind sharp as you age.

Writing is a physical exercise. Not for your hand, but for your brain. Nowadays physicians tend to believe that the writing process engages human memory and motor skills. It’s an excellent cognitive workout for individuals, who would like to keep their minds sharp as they get older.

Writing calms nervous system.

Using the pen and paper to describe your feelings and thoughts regarding any issue is an effective method to work through negative feelings, as well as achieve a new perspective on this or that situation. The act of writing may help to get over the negative emotions that tend to be a pretty heavy burden. In other words, writing out what you’ve got inside, not for publication but privately, is similar to a soothing balm on an irritated skin. As you give more thought to your lines, you become emotionally intelligent and brave enough to handle unpleasant situations.

Writing keeps your brain focused.

The laptop you’re staring at now is a real time-sucking machine that makes you spend hours stalking your ex online or watching the videos with the cutest kittens on earth. Of course, neither computer nor internet is pure evils. Recently, a group of neuroscientists argued that a 5-minute break you take to browse the Facebook news feed actually makes you a more productive person. However, if you’re one of those users, who get stuck on the web the very moment they click the browser icon, maybe it’s better to work on that essay to keep yourself concentrated?

Yes, it’s totally a digital era that we all live in. And you won’t find a college or university student, who would use the benefits of writing instead of consuming. But at the same time, you shouldn’t neglect the pen-and-paper writing as a simple technique to boost your health.

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