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Award Ceremony Speech Sample

award ceremony speechAward ceremony speech is a type of public speeches that is claimed on the occasion of a rewarding ceremony. Depending on the event and the type of acknowledgment, the content of the award ceremony speech may vary. Meanwhile, it definitely encompasses the following components: an introduction that must be short, obvious, and positive, the main body that may involve dedications and commemorations, as well as award acceptances, and a short conclusion. Ultimately, all successful award ceremony speeches have one important thing in common: they regard the event. The introductory award ceremony speech sample presented below is related to the Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony.

Good evening to everyone! It is a big pleasure to share this night will all of you here. The Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony is a traditional event that takes place annually in Santa-Martina School. Thanks to the benevolent support from the Parental Club , the Awards over the last 20 years found their widely recognized and warmly saluted winners. In this anniversary year, the Awards are first time separated into three categories, distinguishing teachers that have not only achieved an academic recognition but also helped their students to gain advanced results. Among our winners, there are teachers who run the most successful student projects and arrange the most effective charity activities.

All the finalists being here were selected during the strict tentative rounds grounded on a range of all-round evaluation criteria. Regardless of their majors and spheres of interests, these individuals have something essential in common – they love their job and do their best to serve the society, and thus these teachers are truly the role models for the young generation. Our thankfulness goes to all teachers for their strong efforts and support in promoting the complex personal development of the young people here nowadays, in preparing them for a future career, and mostly, in upbringing their young personalities with a faithful mind and open heart.

Also, I would like to admit the hard and honest work of our professional and experienced judges. Their activity was lasting for months and helped to make the difficult selection between “the best of the best.” Due to this painstaking work, I have the honor of congratulating all the winners of the Teacher of the Year Awards with their advanced achievements and outstanding personal development. I am sure that every one of you will be progressing in future and thus contribute to the common well-being of the whole community. Do always keep in your mind that your student looks at you with great expectations and hope to gain a perfect mentor and a faithful friend.

My sincere thankfulness goes to the Municipal Committee and the Santa-Martina Volunteer Club for arranging such a great and outstanding event. I believe the Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony will keep being an opportunity to honor the prominent achievements of our teachers in the next years.
Conclusively, I want to wish all of you a happy and fortunate coming year.

Thank you for your attention.

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