Business Report

Business reports might be carried out by businesses and global organizations to resolve certain issues and meet company’s needs. The complexity of constructing business reports lies in covering the company’s activities and services in full and finding the appropriate solutions to problems. Therefore, forming business reports requires skills and knowledge to make report well-organized and coherent. A good business report should comprise the outline of the company’s activity that further results in elaborating the specific approaches that should be taken to enhance the performance and efficiency.

business reports
It is significant to follow the structure of the business report to embrace all the issues and problems. The most important step is to state the aim of the report, potential dangers arising inside the company, possible decisions. The business report designates the performance of the enterprise, failures, successes, financial dimension, efficiency. As established, the business report involves the introduction to describe the topic in general, the main body that precisely concentrates on the activities of the company, questions, methods, SWOT analysis, and conclusion to summarize the report.


The beginning of the report features the background of the company and its economic activities for a particular period. The main body comprises essential information about missions of the organization, its needs, effectiveness, limitations, and methodology. Finally, in the end, one draws the conclusions concerning the solutions of the problem designated in the body.

Main Body

In this part, one provides the possible steps to manage the problems in order to deliver it to the stakeholders. The first step should be concerned with providing the purpose of the report that follows determining evaluations and conducting a thorough analysis. The report also comprises the potential limitations and threats that might arise during the course of analysis. Identifying questions is of utmost importance to give answers at the end of the report. |The methodology should cover the means of data gathering and indication of type of research that was used either quantative or qualitative.

SWOT analysis is the most efficient way to carry out the business report that allows defining both strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, further improvements, and opportunities. Conducting SWOT analysis helps to highlight pros and cons of the particular activity, both advantages, and disadvantages of the specific processes. One is also needed to elaborate specific approaches to enhance productivity and efficiency as well as eliminate obstacles.

Business Report Example

Starbucks is considered to be the huge coffeehouse chain in the world that is distinguished by high revenues, quality, efficiency, and ethicality. The weaknesses cover establishing high prices that pose certain obstacles for people of low income to utilize their products. The possible opportunities should be related to the global expansion of the chain since the variety of coffee houses are mostly located in the US. The company might also employ new menu and co-brand with other businesses. Starbucks also is exposed to the range of threats that should be addressed to cover their needs. The company is vulnerable to rigorous competition with businesses that offer their products at lower price and independent coffeehouse movements. Moreover, other competitors include organizations that already imitate Starbucks and succeed in their activities.

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