Business Review Examples

Business review is a report that depicts the company’s overview, performance, quality of the products, so that the enterprise can evaluate the applicability of the goods in relation to the target audience. Writing the business review, the researcher defines the aims of the business and objectives to cover. One may offer some product improvements to appeal to the customers and increase revenues at the same time. In this respect, providing business review examples are beneficial to write the business report. Business review examples of the management companies will be analyzed to dwell upon the structure and content of the business review.

Frist and foremost, reviews are written to influence buyer’s decisions and operation of the enterprise. One of the examples can be the review about Business for Social Responsibility organization (BSR) that features its core enterprise decisions within the business system. The report addresses the aims of BSR and its cooperation with other enterprises. The researcher focuses on the business infrastructure and specific business activities including the financial overview. The author also dwells upon the significance of collaboration and interaction within teamwork to increase performance. It is underlined whether the missions are covered in the context of employee productivity and organizational plan. The section about the professional growth and self-development is given as well as multi-faceted approaches of the enterprise.
business review examples
Another type of business review can be illustrated in the example of HKICPA that published the draft guidance for executives. The report is divided into subsections: the description of the issue, AB5 objective, and other points related to the peculiarities of compiling business reviews by directors. The review reveals the answers to the different questions such as the terms of preparing the business review, necessary things to prepare it, the significance of the report.

The review about Apple Inc. by Dara Alami focuses on the enterprise analysis and performance as well as prospects. Firstly, the author summarizes the innovations of the company and its success in applying strategies. Then, the external environment is dwelled upon that aims at rendering both opportunities and threats for Apple as well as macroeconomic, demographic, and social factors. The report designates the forces that form the industry including the power of both customers and suppliers, the risk of competition, threat of substitute services. The review also involves the section about the internal analysis of the enterprise, namely the activities of Apple, sales, human resources, customer service, design, supply chain management. Alami overviews the strengths and core competencies of the organization underlining capabilities and resources. What is more, Apple’s strategies are indicated as well as various approaches of the managers that helped the company to thrive and gain the leading role in the market. At last, the future implications for the global enterprise are analyzed to predict more opportunities.

To conclude, when writing the business review, the researcher should take into account the characteristics of the enterprise operation, strengths, and weaknesses, opportunities and prospects. One may also underline the financial picture to analyze revenues and losses as well as investments.

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