20 Creative and Inspiring Topics to Nail College Essays

writingIt’s usually hard to pick the right topic when writing personal college essays, especially if you want to impress your professor. It often seems that all the good ones have already been taken by others, and thus you can’t offer anything original. If you think so, you are wrong. Although it’s not that easy to stand out from the crowd with your essay topic, it’s still possible. Just pick one of the topics below and use it to tell your personal story.

  1. How Did You Change over the Past Three Years? Do You Think That the Present You Is Different from the Past You in a Good Way? Based on Your Observations, Can You Foresee Your Change in the Future?
  2. If You Had an Opportunity, Would You Change Anything in Your Past? Any Particular Event? An Acquaintance? Or Maybe You Would Dedicate More Time to Certain Activity?
  3. If You Had an Ability to Change History, Which Historical Event Would That Be and Why?
  4. Talk About One Especially Embarrassing Moment in Your Life. What Did That Experience Teach You? How Did It Contribute to Your Personality Development Later?
  5. Tell About the Most Significant Person in Your Life. Why Is/Was He or She That Important to You? What Did You Learn From This Person?
  6. Did Anyone Give You a Particularly Good and Useful Advice That You Can Remember Of? How Did That Advice Help You in Your Life? To Which Situations Is It Most Applicable?
  7. Do You Have a Favorite Quotation That Describes You or Your Values? How Can It Help Others to Better Understand You?
  8. If You Had Written an Autobiography, What Would You Include into It? How Many Pages and Chapters Would It Have? What Would Be the Page 100 about?
  9. Imagine That You Can Have a Superpower. Which Superpower (for Example, Mind-Reading, Levitating, Turning Into Other Living Beings, Etc.) Would You Choose? How Would You Use It?
  10. A Hypothetical Planet with Intelligent Life Is Finally Discovered, and the Humans Are Preparing to Visit It. The Organizers Are Choosing Representatives. How Would You Convince Them That You Are among the Best Candidates to Go on the Mission?
  11. Imagine That a Vile Magician Has Taken You and Your Friends Hostage. He Is Turning Them Into Some Strange Creatures One by One. You Are Given a Choice, either to Cooperate, or to Be Turned into a Creature Yourself. How Would You Deal with Such a Dilemma? Which Would You Choose? Why?
  12. Would You Like to Possess Telepathic Abilities (Reading Other People’s Minds)? If Yes, How Would You Use It? If No, Why Do You Think You Are Better without It?
  13. If You Could Invent Anything, What Would It Be? How Would Your Invention Help Society or Even Mankind? What Would Be the Biggest Challenges?
  14. What Issue Do You Feel Most Passionate about? It Can Be a Political, Environmental, Social, or Cultural One. How Can You Contribute to Resolving This Issue?
  15. Did You ever Want to Win or Find 1 Million USD? How Would You Like to Spend the Money? With Whom Would You Share It? What Could Be17. the Best Investment of It, in Your Opinion?
  16. What Animal Do You Associate Yourself with? Alternatively, Which Animal Would You Turn into If You Had a Chance? Why?
  17. Tell about Your Favorite Fictional Character (from a Book or a Film) Who Has Influenced Your Views or Certain Life Choices. What about Him or Her Has Impressed You the Most?
  18. You Have an Opportunity to Talk to a Famous Person (of the Present or Past). Who Would It Be? What Would You Like to Talk With This Person about?
  19. What Is often Better, to Take a Risk or to Consciously Avoid It? Can You Give an Example of a Situation, in Which You Went off the Beaten Track, Risked, and Were Rewarded in the End? Or the Opposite.
  20. What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self, Say, 5 Years Ago?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 creative college essay topics. If you don’t know, what to write about, simply choose one that relates to you the most and write what’s on your mind. You surely have something to tell about yourself and your life experiences, or share some unique situations, both real and imagined.

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