Have Problems with College Homework? These Tips Will Rescue You!

scarlett johanssonIt’s not that easy to be a college student. It’s really more like a full-time job, with all the amounts of material to learn and all the homework to do. Scientists from the New York University College of Nursing have discovered that 80% of all students felt stressed during their studies. Also, 48% of college students spend three or more hours at night doing homework. Surely, many of them take studying too seriously and struggle to perform well.

Do you want to reduce the stress and to spend less time on homework? Try to organize your college homework and introduce an element of fun into it. The following tips will give you motivation and help you do your home tasks more efficiently.

Find a Perfect Place to Study

This is the first and the most important step to consider before you start your homework. Just pick a study area and get comfy in it. Having your own place to study will help you to tune into the working mood once you are there. This place can be anything, from a study nook at your place to a cozy cafe or a quiet library.

Bring the Stuff in

Get all the things you may need to the study nook. This way, you don’t have to get up and grab them when already in the process of doing your homework. To minimize any distractions, get all the stuff such as textbooks, your laptop or tablet, notebooks, and definitely coffee together.

Put Some Music on

Play some of the study music to help you stay focused. An important tip here would be to avoid hit songs that you’ll be eventually singing along to instead of doing homework. It can be a study playlist from Pandora or your favorite streaming service. Classical music is always a good choice, but if you prefer metal or shoegaze, or even industrial music, don’t hesitate to put it on. Just be sure that the music doesn’t distract you.

Write Notes Everywhere

Create notes to help you memorize the material that you are studying. Put them somewhere where you can see them. The best choices would be the fridge or a mirror. That’s because we all check out the fridge multiple times during the day, and because we like to stare in the mirror to make sure we look great. Use magnets or an erasable marker, so that you can change the notes when you don’t need them anymore.

Use Scrapbooks and Organizers

You might be skeptical about it, but they really help. Even if you are not an organizer person, try to use one. Just make sure you use color stickers and highlighters. This way you’ll turn your organizing routine into a playful activity. Besides, you’ll want to check on your scrapbook more because it will look pretty and colorful.

Reward Yourself for Every Accomplishment

Create a habit of rewarding yourself every time you finish a task or study for a consequent amount of time. Break your work into small pieces and do them one by one followed by a little treat. For example, every time you read 5 pages of your textbook or write a page of your essay, allow yourself to check Facebook afterwards, chat with friends, or dance to your favorite song.

There is sometimes too much stress associated with studying and especially college homework. Some of the most popular solutions to deal with stress include playing games, listening to music, and making regular breaks. Insert those into your studying routine, and the stress will be significantly reduced. They don’t only do studying more fun. They help you keep more organized and motivated. So, don’t forget about comfy spot and some relaxing music during homework activities. And, most importantly, reward yourself for every effort you make.

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