Customer Service Dissertation

A dissertation is one of the most complex forms of academic writing which approves the readability of the candidate to get a scholar degree. The process of its completion takes a considerable amount of time and requires diligence and critical approach when forming and analyzing the sources base to reaffirm the thesis set before the work has started. Customer service dissertation is a piece of writing which uncovers the theme of customer service.

The Relevance of the Topic

The sphere of customer service is at the stage of development and integration into the world system of economic relations. Besides, marketing plays a leading role in the struggle for the attention of customers between institutions and corporations. For this purpose, one needs to find a common language with customers, understand their requirements and the ways to meet them so that both parties will receive the highest value.


The subject of the dissertation is customer service as an inevitable factor of the current economic relations and a powerful lever of influence on the company when drawing the attention of the customers. The particular stress is given to the consumer’s lifecycle as an essential link in building the long-term and beneficial customer services schemes.

The Purpose and the Objectives

The purpose of the dissertation is the development and deepening of theoretical, methodological, and applied principles of the concept of marketing in the context of customer service. The objectives of the dissertation considering the established purpose are as follows:

  • to explore the essence of marketing by economic relations;
  • to determine the basis of marketing in building long-term relations with customers;
  • to deepen understanding of the concept of the consumer’s lifecycle;
  • to describe the main stages of the consumer’s lifecycle in connection with the effectiveness and success of the customer service.


The scientific novelty of the dissertation relies on the in-depth analysis of the subject that can be applicable in the sphere of economic relations. Also, the current issues of the marketing sphere with its link to the customer service theme have received a comprehensive interpretation for the first time.


he chronological scope of the dissertation is explained by the validity of the customer service and its significance for these days. It covers the period from the beginning of the twenty-first century until the present times. The primary attention is given to the current days when the customer service becomes one of the decisive factors of the organizational and corporate successful development.

Other Traits

The methodological basis of the dissertation is the complex of systematic and analytical interpretation of the facts with the determination of its prospective efficiency.

The source bases. The sources used in the process of writing the dissertation belong to a few types:

  • official web and digital sources;
  • materials of international organizations;
  • scholar works viewing an issue of the customer service through the multi-perspective lens;
  • reference books.

The practical significance of the dissertation lays in the creation of the customer service frameworks and models designed for the users’ utilization to promote the customer service in the various spheres.

The structure and the main content of the dissertation. The dissertation consists of Introduction, Body with three chapters, Conclusion, and Appendixes.

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