Customer Service Best Practice

The customer service is one of the pillars of business operations, as it directly impacts the customers. The customer service is concerned with meeting and fulfilling the needs of the client during the provision of the service. It includes different stages, in particular, the period before, during, or after the acquisition of a product or service. Each of these steps is important as they contribute to the customer’s value and support loyalty. The creation of individual perception consists of different elements. Modern brands have used particular methods, responding to the needs of the customers, which brought them the competitive advantage. It is possible to mention ten main examples of the customer service best practice principles.

Focus on Personalization

The Starbucks has been the leading company in the sphere of service provision due to the unique approach to the customers. The partnership and campaign of Starbucks and Spotify, the second of which is a successful music platform, satisfied the customer’s needs of listening to the music due to individual preferences.

Emotional Connection

The emotional connection can be more significant than the service itself in the long-term strategy. It appeals to the level of the customers’ consciousness, providing particular motivations and values that make them unique and connect with the insights of the clients. The example of such practice is Apples’ comprehensive definition of the native products as the future technology.


The importance of the feedback is concerned with the knowledge over the insights of the customer, perception of the product, and verification whether the product meets the expressed needs. The example of Starbucks’ mobile app, where people rate drinks, is vivid. Consequently, the firm collects the data on the orders and responds to the disliked elements of their service.

Social Responsibility and Response

The answering to the challenges, which appear from the people who have the deviation from the societal or medical norms due to the personal reasons may be crucial in showing the best support. Tommee Tippee Cups are the limited line of cups that were inspired by the message about the problems of the children with severe autism.

Appreciation of the Customers

Another piece of the best service is concerned with the campaigns aimed to express gratitude to the customers. The “Thank you” campaign by the American TD bank is significant. In the attempt to get money from the bank, clients got personal messages of appreciation and unique gifts.

Live Chat Provision

The live chat option is vital for getting the assistance or reactions for the arisen questions from the customers. Subsequently, emerges the rule: the better is the speed, the better is the connection with the customer. The Amazon company has live chat service, which works 24/7, while the time of response is about 13 minutes.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence may help companies bring new solutions based on the collected data. The Netflix company uses different algorithms to give the clients possible recommendations based on previous watching experience. As a result, the company helps clients to save their time.

Use of Social Media

The companies use social media as the platform for reaching the younger audience. The examples of such brands as Samsung, Xbox or Nike show how the response on Twitter or Facebook may gain loyal customers, as they feel that they belong to the community and are not forgotten.

Reflection on the Customers’ Pain

The strongest emotions are usually connected with pain or suffering. The Lego company responded to the request of a seven years old boy in a very sentimental way. He lost his toy and wrote them a letter from which he received a very creative response of the Lego Hero, Sensei Wu. The reaction contributed to the positive image of the Lego.

Use of Mobile Phones

Everyone has a phone, and it is the best way to engage with the customer. It provides the feedback from the customer as the Starbucks did with the drinks. Other than that, the Oreo created the app, which engages clients through the game, providing more entertainment. Ultimately, it establishes the authentic emotional connection.

Apply one of these strategies to make your customer experience pleasant. You can use more than one approach and successfully mix them.

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