Customer Satisfaction Survey Report Sample

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of the operation of the companies related to the provision or production of goods and services. The primary goal of the company is to gain profit by fulfilling the needs of the client. The surveys are the best way to achieve the feedback on the particular service or product. Having the results of the survey, the company may improve its’ efforts towards pleasing the customers and gaining the more significant profit. Thus, the customer satisfaction survey is the way of representing the results of the survey via corporate channels of communication, so that the executive officers could make further development and improve the situation. It shall outline the critical aspects of insights on the service in the appropriate manner. Current customer satisfaction survey report sample would provide the adoption of the successful decisions.

Dear HR and Quality Departments,
The purpose of the particular report is to present the results of the survey report on the satisfaction of our customers and recommendations for improving the adversarial situations.
The reason. During the last three months, the selected team of the Marketing Department representatives has organized the research among the clients of the firm on the delivery service. The research was developed as the response to the decline in the orders in comparison to previous years.

The methodology. The research was done in the form of the survey through the telephone and email polls. The conducted study referred to the four primary questions. The issues related to the following: “Was the customer satisfied with the service?”, “How does the client evaluate the service from 1 to 10?”, “What did the client dislike?”, “What does the customer want to change the service?”.

Rating of the service. In total, the 300 respondents took part in the survey. The 60% of the respondents have the age between 21 to 25, while 25% of them are above 30 and 15% are over 40 or retired. The 55% of respondents are men, and 45% are women. 45 clients were unsatisfied with the service, ranking the service below the “5” mark. The reasons for such feedback are concerned with the bad quality of the service, the attitude of personnel, inconvenience of service, and technical problems. The average mark was “7.5” as the significant number of people, more specifically almost 60%, rated the service by 7,8,9 marks. The average number indicates that the service shall be developed despite the 10% of the highest rates.

Support department issues. The majority of the respondents underlined that they lacked the connection to the brand but would address to the company again. The disappointed customers said that they would return if the staff were friendlier. It is necessary to mention that the 70% of survey results were taken by e-mail polls, while 30% by the telephone calls. Also, those who were asked via phone had a more negative reaction towards the service. It corresponds to the prevalence of the negative responses from the people who ordered service via phone not online.

The problem of communication. The results of the report show that there are some actions to be taken to improve the situation. Mainly, it relates to bad attitude towards the customers when speaking via phone.

The personal experience. The survey showed that there is an absence of the personal experience of the customer towards the service. The average marks are above average. Nevertheless, the creation of the programs and discounts, together with the personal approach towards the client, would contribute to the loyalty of the customer.

Dealing with the problems. The recommendations to the departments refer to the establishment of the regular tests of the support team, recording the chat correspondence and providing the transcript to control the work of the operators and their style of communication. Moreover, the additional training shall be implemented to improve the communication culture of the company. Considering solutions on the personal experience creation, some loyalty programs may be conducted by the marketing department.

We are looking forward to the decision of the departments on the approaches to improve the situations in the related fields, in particular, in the support department. The prompt response would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department

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