Cyber Security Paper

In the era of computers and virtual data, it is essential to provide cyber security of the network and ensure the safety of critical information on it. Every person that has a computer is at risk of cyber-attacks that can be a cause of various criminal schemes. These attacks can lead to the loss of money or steal significant personal information. Users are vulnerable to security breaches everywhere that is why this cyber security paper presents five ultimate pieces of advice that will help to guard against hackers and other virtual burglars.

Make the Passwords Different and Complex

It is essential to have a difficult-to-copy password for every site that has a significant load of personal information. Many users make a mistake by creating passcodes with the names of pets, family members and other typical words that are relatable to a person. These passwords are not sophisticated enough. Also, it would not be a problem for a hacker to get all the information about the bank accounts and pages in social networks, if the password is the same everywhere. If it is a difficult task to create a password, then there exist special websites that can construct it by request.

Use Various Methods of Verification

It is one of the best ways to protect the personal data because a hacker does not always have all the necessary information and tools to get the virtual money. Many internet-banking services already have the two-step authentication process that requires confirmation of entering to online bank account through an application on a smartphone or by text message. It is critical to set up a complicated verification process because it would be easier to recognize the hacking and do something about it fast.

Choose Secure Sources

One of the easiest ways to ensure personal information on the Internet is to stop giving it to the suspicious websites and fake online shops. If a person wants to buy something on the Internet, first of all, it is essential to check the background of shopping platform. The reputable or real online shop will have the actual address, contacts, history, description of the payment and shipping processes, and customers’ reviews. Moreover, special attention should be turned to the URL of the site because the green color in the left part of the web address is an indicator of its reliability.

  1. Have few email addresses.
  2. This warning is similar to the first one but concerns emails. It would be a lot more difficult for a hacker to get personal information if it is scattered on various sites and is guarded by different emails and complex passwords. Also, it is essential to use different email addresses in order to make the process of recovering the stolen or damaged information easier. If a hacker got to the everyday-use email, the side one could help to stop the robbery and reduce the level of damage.

  3. Always backup the data.
  4. The final advice is the easiest one because the backup is the essential task that a person even does not have to worry about because there are various programs, apps, and web-clouds that would do it for the user. If the information from the social network or other sites has been damaged or stolen, there will always be a possibility to recover it because of a reserve copy. It is what respectable firms like banks do all the time. The backups will ensure the safety of business and family budget under the extreme circumstances of the cyber attack.

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