Cyber Security Research Paper

Research paper represents a detailed and original interpretation or investigation of a specific subject that is performed by a writer. Starting with a proper thesis and further creation of the content following the specific structure, the development of the topic ends up with a documented list of sources. Cybersecurity is a phenomenon that touches practically every person in the modern technologized word. The cybersecurity research paper exemplifies the investigation of the up to date achievements in the sphere of protection in the universe of cyber technologies.


In today’s world, a phenomenon of cyber security plays a leading role in the global information society. Every day the continuous development of technologies creates some new challenges for the safety of its users. The solid informatization of all spheres of society’ life, particularly the area of security of the personal, national, economical, financial, and state infrastructure raises the question of an integrated approach to the problem of cyber security.


The problem of cyber security has become especially crucial during the recent decade. The protection of informational sovereignty is closely linked to the notion of cyber safety that can be considered as the protection of internal information. The last implies the security of the quality of data, its reliability, preserving it from disclosure, and the assurance of information resources. Besides, the primary trend of civilization’s progress is globalization. The features of the one include the extension of integrative processes in the world economy, the unification of political and legal norms, the “erosion” of the state borders, the strengthening of the role of supranational organizations, and the transnationalization of social, cultural, and ideological life. Thus, the rise of the global information society and promotion of the technologies to a new level facilitates the need to develop and maintain the innovative ways of providing cyber security for the users.


The method of the research applied for the paper is an analytical interpretation of the scholar sources which demonstrates an original approach to the subject of the cyber security. The time range of the sources is no older than the ones written and issued for the last five years. The predicted results tend to prove that the cyber security impact is accelerated due to the unprecedented technologies brake-through at present and requires an indefatigable work of the specialists.


The results of the research have proven that the fundamental driving force behind the globalization transformations is the widespread deployment of the cyber technologies. Technological progress has significantly reduced the cost of accumulation, processing, and transmission of information on a planetary scale. Such tendencies have affected the growing threat to the cyber security.


The modern era is often perceived as the information society, characterized by the dominant role of data and the creation of a global information-driven space in a cyber form. Currently, a large part of cyber databases contain confidential information but use minimal security and access differentials. Meanwhile, databases are the most important sources of information. The situation is deteriorating by the availability and “cheapness” of the means of hacking into the computer equipment and even the remote internet sources. Thus, the task of protecting the data from the cyber attacks becomes very relevant. To provide a high degree of protection of information, it is necessary, first of all, to solve the following tasks:

  • to set the same requirements that regulate the safety of communication facilities and other electronic equipment;
  • to develop services that can help to purchase, install, and define the order of use of cyber security systems;
  • to collect data on the current state of affairs in preventing the information leakage and closing of the communication channels in government structures.

In today’s globalization of cyber technologies, the countries may expect an economic ruin without connecting to the world’s information space. Subsequently, the promotion of its protection worth diligent attention.


Thus, the cyber security represents an actual scientific and practical task of the modern times. The global information society, when transitioning the data from the original location to the cyberspace, encounters the treats to the safety of the content stored online. Considering this, it is strongly recommended to advance the cyber security means to ensure an economical and technological safety for the users of information technologies.

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