3 Facts Included in My Family Creative Writing: Have Something Interesting to Say

Studying doesn’t mean just a process of adhering to a set of rules. It is possible to know how things must be done with the help of different learning activities that could make students grow and blossom. One of the cognitive ways is creative writing. For example, Alan Gillespie as a teacher states in her article at the Guardian that there are no rules for writing. In her opinion, students can write about everything they want based on just 2 powerful rules:

  • Students should show, but not tell. Instead of writing “a man was angry”, a student is supposed to write “a man clenched his fists and hissed beneath his breath”;
  • Students should use adverbs. Instead of using adverbs, a student is supposed to give the power of the action, for example, “to shout loudly” means “to scream”.

So, how to deal with creative writing in which you need to show your family, not to tell about family members? Genealogists often focus on facts while explaining how each person in a family is related to the others. This article is to help you with facts that you can collect to write a really creative paper.

1. What Does Your Family Mean to You?

family creative writing
Everything in the world starts with a family – whether it’s for good or for bad. However, we don’t all think of the family relationships in the same way. For the first fact, you should present how you define the word ‘family’. Let’s see several sides of the family relationships. Then, you can choose the most appropriate one for you and cover it on a sheet of paper.

  • Family are the people that won’t leave me even in the toughest time, whatever wrong would happen to me. My family accepts me as a personality and always encourages me.
  • My family is simply a starting point of my life. The members of my family are only the first people I’ve met in this world. Then, I don’t feel support from my relatives. So, I have to act alone both in good or bad times. Probably, it makes me stronger.

2. What Influence Does Your Family Have on You?

Our families influence significantly our personality, behaviours, beliefs and values, which can correlate positively or negatively to the life experiences. In fact, different degrees of influence each family member has on us. Let’s see what facts you can mention while answering the question.

  • From my parents I’ve learnt how to work things out during disagreements. Due to my family, I know what a respectful attitude means. Whenever, they argued with each other, they did it in a healthy manner. I will treat kindly my wife as my father does to maintain good relations.
  • My father has achieved a lot in his life. I believe his main achievement is a profitable international business company. I saw him working hard to have a very cushy life.

3. What Roles Does Everyone Play in My Family?

There is a lot of variability in family relationships. Today, the ways of how parents raise their children differ from ones used by the previous generations. There is no wonder that men are given a paid leave after childbirth – they change diapers, get up at night, take children to the doctor, help with homework. So, what does everyone do in your family?

  • I remember distinctly the days when my granny used to bake a pie every Sunday to gather the whole family. It was a unbroken tradition. She’d like to hand it down from generation to generation. Maybe, I will do the same like my granny.
  • After I studied Psychology at university and wrote a dissertation, I found out the crucial role of my father. He determined how I would handle my future romantic relationships.

With the help of these facts you’ll be able to do your creative writing really creative. Because nobody is much interested how many members are in your family. Consider all the information given above and create your own perfect paper. Struggling with writing itself? Rely on our 24/7 custom paper writing service to simplify the writing process.

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