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First class essay is a special type of essay that represents the author’s opinion about the various facts or events, moreover, these thoughts should be supported by the clear evidence, which forms the own perspective. Therefore, it must provide the exceptional content as well as the outstanding research, and a cohesive argument due to the reason that the essay must show the originality. First class essay is considered to have an excellent structure that could keep a flowing argument, and it also should involve the relevant examples, with the several sources.


China Model

The existence of the well-known “China Model” seems to be a spectacular example of the rapid development and economic liberalization, despite the fact that the country’s political regime still remains undemocratic. The certain model is extremely complex as it relies on the positive experience of the other states from the Asian region, however, the ruling of the governing Communist party makes a great influence on the different issues related to all spheres of both internal and external policies.

The several scholars believe that the “China Model” could not exist in the modern society as there are no opportunities for it to be absolutely efficient within the authoritarian political system, on the other hand, the Chinese economy has continued to increase due its openness to the various national and foreign investments. Thus, such a situation could allow the local authorities to create the new labor laws, which will be more flexible than the current ones, what is more, it provides a perfect possibility to make the taxes lower, and establish the significant infrastructure by mixing the funds of the private sector with the state ones.
In addition, the maintenance of the “China Model” predicts the development of the various technological innovations that is supposed to be necessary, therefore, the Chinese government has implemented a prominent indigenous innovative program with a goal to stimulate the production of the national hi-tech commodities, including the different telecommunication devices, electronic gadgets, computer software, and the other useful office equipment. The implementation of the mentioned innovation policy has been conducted due to the several internal and external investments and modern tax incentives.

Finally, the appearance of the “China Model” is probably one of the main social changes and political reforms in the Asian world as such a great experimentation has led to the positive results connected with the activities of the provincial local authorities. All in all, lots of journalists from the Western Europe and from the American countries as well as the major political leaders admit that this mode is absolutely perspective and profitable, especially if to pay attention to the fact that the Western governments are considered to be in a state of crisis.

In conclusion, there is a need to indicate that the existence of the discussed model should be identified as the spectacular event related not only to the Asian history but also to the world one. Additionally, the “China Model” will be effective in future due to the reason that the national economy of China takes place among the major global leaders.


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