Formal Essay Sample on New Technologies

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New Technologies

There is no doubt that technologies appear to be the important part of peoples’ life today. Each person in the modern world is surrounded by radio, television, laptops, tablets, and other brand-new and interesting gadgets every day. The modern society has significantly changed due to the new technologies that have achieved endless development, opening a wide range of opportunities for people with every new day.

It is a fact that new generations cannot imagine their lives without the possibility of downloading music, or of watching the movies, or of calling or chatting with their friends online without the need to look for a call-box. For instance, it is significant for people to access the maps online wherever they are, to call their relatives and friends at the moment they need, to book a train, bus or concert tickets without even going outside, as well as to find a book, an article, or any other information they require without having to go to the library or to the book shops. Besides, it is possible to attend the courses from Toronto University online while sitting somewhere in the hostel in Prague, or it is possible to walk along the streets of Hollywood Boulevard while drinking tea in London.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that technologies might also serve as a tool of a mass persuasion and propaganda. Considering the fact that the majority of people read or listen to the same information at the same time, it is possible to influence their decisions and thoughts from the various channels of communication, including social media, radio, and television. In fact, it should not come as a surprise that the majority of the companies are storing the information about their clients in order to predict their potential consumer choices. Thanks to the wide range of the tools available, it becomes easy to find any data about a certain person with no difficulties faced.

Furthermore, the increasing number of devices has become useless today, including the landline phones, fax machines, CDs, and many tools and applications that were widely used from five to twenty years ago. In addition to this, people do not use scanners anymore, since they prefer to take a high-quality picture by their smartphones, that makes scanners totally useless as well. At the same time, printers are not used as regularly as they were three or five years ago because modern people choose the electronic versions of the documents and various files, significantly decreasing the amount of money needed to print a big number of pages.

In conclusion, it is necessary to point out that there is no doubt that now the technology happens to be a great helper for the modern youth. Of course, it presents a number of advantages and disadvantages, but its development makes the life of the world significantly easier. In any case, it is fair to indicate that people are used to the great possibilities offered by the newest devices and they are ready to use all of them.


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