Tips on How to Reawaken Creativity

We all encounter situations in which our imagination and creativity run dry, and there seems to be no way to reanimate them. One solution is to simply wait and hope that inspiration comes when it comes. However, it is too passive an approach; there’re some better ways to try to get it back.

1. Surround Yourself with Creative People

There is nothing that boosts you in a certain direction better than being surrounded by like-minded people. Thus, if you want to be more creative, you should go out of your way to get in touch with people who are already creative, who share your views on importance of creativity, who are eager to try something new and are interested in your achievements. And vice versa, keep away from those who ridicule you and try to divert your efforts from your creative work – even if they do it in what they consider to be your best interests.

2. Try Something You’ve Never Tried Before

Breaking the cycle of habitual activities, be it a completely new thing to do or just a different way of performing the old tasks, can really be a breath of fresh air. You may not realize how much of your behavior is dictated by habits ingrained through multiple repetitions but has little to do with what you really want or need. When it comes to doing something, try to look at it from a different perspective and ask yourself: can I do it differently? Even a little bit?

3. Try Freewriting

Freewriting is a creativity boosting technique specifically designed to be available to anyone and at any time you need it. It requires you to simply sit down and start writing – no matter what about, without any particular goal in mind. Some set a word or page count to reach in one sitting, but even this isn’t necessary – all you have to do is start putting your thoughts on paper. If your work has something to do with writing it is twice as beneficial – freewriting teaches you not to be afraid of a blank page and bravely plunge into a new writing assignment.

4. Simply Start

One of the common problems many creative workers encounter is inability to begin a job. It is natural – your brain tries to prepare everything, make itself comfortable, eliminate the element of randomness. It wants to know beforehand what it is going to do. However, when you are unable to build a clear-cut plan, it may become a hurdle – so never mind it, simply start with your task. If you have to write an article, open a new document and begin writing something on the topic, and who cares if it turns out awful – you can always change something later on! By starting you will eliminate the mental block that prevents you from writing. The same goes for any other type of creative activity – by starting you make it easier for yourself to go on.

Don’t think that these tricks are too simple and primitive to have any real effect; human brain works in mysterious ways and often reacts to cues you don’t consciously notice – so why not make use of it?

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