Human Rights Essay

Human rights essay is an academic piece of writing that is of the utmost importance in the present days due to the growing significance of human rights. In spite of the fact that the principles related to the protection of human rights are already defined in the international law as the central ones, they still need further elaboration since they establish the basic norms for the defense of the individual rights and freedoms. Therefore, the human rights essay plays the invaluable role in the process of formation of the human rights consciousness as well as shaping the awareness of the human dignity and freedom of action in all areas of public life.

respect for human rights

In essence, the notion of human rights is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon associated with the genesis of legal norms that formulate the natural features of the individuals aimed to ensure their life, dignity, and freedom. The human rights are natural in core and inseparable from the person. What is more, they are related to neither the human nationality nor the territory. Thus, they exist independently of consolidation in the state laws and are subject to the international legal regulation and protection. In such context, it is logical to claim that the human rights are the abnormal forms of interaction between people that control their conduct, coordinate their activities, and, at the same time, serve as the means of elimination of the contradictions and conflicts.

Moreover, the rights and freedoms of the individual can be defined as his or her social features that are determined by the economic and cultural conditions of society and are legally standardized by the state. In spite of the fact that philosophers still continue to argue about the nature of human rights, the international community began to establish the legal background for the protection of human rights after implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Since then, the international community launched a robust concept of the Declaration in a number of international, regional, and domestic legal instruments. Essentially, the Declaration was not aimed to be legally restrictive, but the formation of the framing standards in a variety of restrictive agreements has made the legal status of the human rights norms indisputable today. Under such circumstances, in the modern world, the human rights and freedoms delineate a sphere of independent existence of the individual as well as his or her value as a member of society. Accordingly, the human rights are the means of reflection of not potential but actual capabilities of the individual that are enshrined in both the legislation of the state and the universal legal acts.

All in all, in compliance with the compelling evidence, it is logical to conclude that the human rights are inseparable from the social relations since they define the way of life of the individual as well as ensure his or her human dignity. Therefore, the human rights provide the legal conditions that are objectively necessary for the proper functioning of the individuals, society, and state.


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