Leadership Essay Example

An essay on leadership is designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of one’s leadership qualities. There are certain circumstances that require a strong focus on the distinctive traits of one’s character in order to reveal the potential that the individual holds. This leadership essay example provides a sample of a well – organized and structured work on the description of proper leadership skills and experiences that an individual should utilize in order to reach success. To become a great leader it is obligatory to learn and constantly develop communication strategies. Leadership essays are aimed to provide the key steps for an individual to consider, should he or she wish to obtain recognition and satisfaction within certain public activities.

marketing mixLeadership skills bring the change into the modern world. The capability of organizing individuals in order for each to contribute the obtained-through-life knowledge and skills to mutually reach the set goal is highly demanding. There are different types of leaders, strategies to be applied or norms to be considered if one is striving for success. However, there are three key points that an individual willing to actually become a leader cannot oversee. Extraordinary people skills, communication strategies and personal qualities are the top required notions for the leader to grasp. Judging from my experience, each of the highlighted points contributes to the development of the individual. During high school I was the captain of the Key Club that is known to be a major volunteering organization across the entire country. My responsibilities included brainstorming the ideas for the next project, organizing the logistics and motivating other students to join the project.

This position provided me with an opportunity to face the challenges that the majority of leaders have in the real world, especially in the business industry. It is highly significant to be likable by others in order to be successful in guiding others. As a leader, a person is required to see the motivations behind certain actions of each person. Such qualities as charisma, assertiveness or empathy contribute positively to the overall image of an individual. The emotional intelligence is important, as people would hardly be able to support an individual, who does not appeal to their emotional stance along with controlling his or her own condition. Active listening is the greatest communication strategy for the leader to use. It enables to understand the willingness and the reasons for actions of different people.

Communication is the key to success in any area of life. With close consideration for one’s needs and understanding of the opportunities to fulfill them, it is possible to become an outstanding leader. Negotiation skills along with effective speaking are vital to be recognized as a person worthy of support. Management is the final key aspect for the leader to understand and learn. It is especially needed and helpful in difficult situations. Conflict management provides a leader with an opportunity to not only inspire his or her team on the daily basis, but also manage the issues and maintain the group happy despite the complications that may rise along the mutual work.

Therefore, a well-loved and supported leader take care to comply with the three major criteria: excellent communication, negotiation and conflict management. Much more can be added on the subject of the importance of leader’s personal traits. However, the global social tendency clearly shows that even a mediocre individual, who possesses three aforementioned qualities, can count on being well-received by the society. At the same time, even the most outstanding individual completely lacking these qualities might find it challenging to thrive.


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