How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Sample Essay

How does it usually happen? You come to a school or college after long summer holidays, meet up with your classmates and educators, and you need to say something about “How I spent my summer vacation”. And here, you start thinking, “And how did I really spent this long vacation?” Using the words “was there”, “did that” is a simple way to describe this wonderful period of time. So in this article, you’ll know what is the best way to write an essay on the topic “How I spent my summer vacation” so that it will stand out among the others. Additionally, you’ll be given the essay written as an example below.

3 Tips on Pre-Writing an Essay “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

  1. Spend the summer really amazingly to have what to share in an essay. It is quite evident to enjoy every moment of the summer. But if you tend only to enjoy it lying on a sofa or walking in the park, you risk to struggling with writing your essay. For example, you may be asked to write a 500-word essay, how do you think if it will be possible to meet a word count easily? It is supposed no. So plan your summer in advance. According to Undiscovered Sunsets created by the girl who has the curiosity for the world, each trip you plan is an investment. Besides, you’ll find there as well the answer to the question – “How far in advance should I plan my vacation?” There are 15 summer experiences you need to book right now no matter what season is now – fall, winter, or spring. Make your summer unbelievable and write a great essay about it.
  2. Record the summer in a diary and take as many photos as possible. Nobody says that you won’t be able to recollect the summer moments. But still, you may get lost in your memories and miss something interesting to share in your essay. You can recollect the trip to France but can forget the names of some beautiful streets you would like your friends will visit as well. Remember the more details you include, the more specific your essay will look. Moreover, it is so easy to record some important events in life today – on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Upload a picture and a brief description – what you feel at the moment, what do you see around, what it looks like, etc. This way, you’ll spend less time on recollecting “What did I do last summer?” At the same, don’t risk enjoying all the summer moments with a smartphone in hands. Sometimes, put it away for a while. Additionally, you can use 12 creative ideas to make your travel memories last forever.
  3. Practice essay writing every day of summer. It is no secret practice makes perfect. Regular writing in summer will make you perfect at essay writing. One of the ways to improve your writing skills has already been introduced you – posts about summer days on Instagram or Facebook. However, there are other 27 ways to improve your writing skills and escape content mediocrity. Try out them for your own benefit!
  4. The Essay Written an Example to Write Your Own One

    There is a person who followed all the above-mentioned pre-writing tips and spent the summer well to share the great moments with the others at the highest possible level. Look at the essay below and start working on your own one!


    “Last summer was the most amazing one I have ever had in my life! And I’m not going to lie – I want the time back and go through all of this once again. First of all, I was on my summer vacation, which is already a great “plus” for you have neither classes nor duty to wake up in the morning every single day with pleasure. And secondly, it was warm and the weather was all about enjoying every minute of free summer! It was that we did every day. And what is the summer without trips? The trip to the City of Light was planned carefully and in all related details. I and my best friend took into account every single detail to have a never-to-be-forgotten traveling. We booked tickets, chose the hotel, bought a detailed map of the city with all the famous places to dive into the global capital of haute couture!

    The day we were supposed to set off, we got to know the weather in Paris was rainy, which means we had to re-pack our stuff in order to have enough clothes that are suitable the weather conditions. I’m not a big fan of long-lasting flights, but this time everything ran smoothly and I quickly got used to the plane. In some hours, we were in France! We easily found the place, where we were supposed to spend our vacation – the hotel called “Hôtel Hélios Opéra”. A really comfy and home looking place located in the rue de la Victoire. The staff was really friendly with us and I finally had an opportunity to practice my French. It turned out that it was pretty good, I must say. Just a quick shower and with a fresh mind, we were ready to have a date with the city!

    The first day we dedicated to La Tour Eiffel and the place called Les Champs-Élysées. The famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées is a well-known boulevard that is 1,9 km long and 70 m wide and is located in the 8tharrondissement of the city. The place is famous, first of all, for its cafés, theaters and the luxury shops. What is more, each year a military parade takes place exactly here. As for La Tour Eiffel, I guess, this place does not need any introduction! The symbol of France is sparkling with a bunch of lights as the night falls and the view is terrific! Here and there you can see couples in love, cuddling and watching the massive construction. It’s a really nice place to meet your friends or to have a romantic promenade with the one you love.

    As the day was slowly flowing into the nights, we were pretty tired. Plus, we were ready to sell our souls for some food. There are thousands of cafés and restaurants in Paris! No matter what preferences you have – you will definitely find what suits you the most. We picked a small café near our hotel. As we got to know, the place was a family-owned one and belonged to a kind and friendly man Jacque and his family. The Mediterranean cuisine presented on the menu was just what the doctor ordered! We had two big dishes full of sweet and sour Sicilian rabbit stew and a glass of red wine. That was a perfect ending for a perfect first day in one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. As we were done with the dinner, we thanked Jacque and made our way to the Moulin Rouge…The great time was just ahead!”

    No matter how you spend summer, it is possible to describe it so that your essay will look brilliant – good memory or creative imagination, solid writing skills and enough time to deal with an essay. If that all is in your arsenal, you are lucky. Don’t put off the task to write an essay on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. Alternatively, you can always rely on our writing service. Good luck!

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