Book Reviews on Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

post apocalyptic townSo, you’ve just finished the last line of the post-apocalyptic fiction, where some event has wiped out almost the whole humanity. It’s pretty possible that your characters are struggling to survive after the apocalyptic event and trying to restore the world they live in. And now you are required to write a few things on the work of post-apocalyptic literature. Let’s take a peek at the things that you must include into your book review.

Apocalyptic Event

When working on the book review on post-apocalyptic fiction, you cannot complete it without a certain event that has got your character to the particular environment. It means that you have to mention what exactly has happened and how this event affected the humanity. What is your event? Natural, bacterial, man-made or…? Was it helped greatly by human beings or it was one of the natural disasters? There is always a reason why the people in your book are stuck in a particular moment.

Time Frames

Has the event already happened or are the characters of your book living through it right now? You, as the author of the book review, must know when the event happened in order to tell your story. In case it happened years ago, it’s possible that the landscape is notably different than if the apocalyptic event just happened yesterday. Pay attention to the quality of life at the post-apocalyptic time. Say in what way it differs from the one people had before. If the event happened not long ago, the characters may be struggling to find food and water. However, it they’ve been coping with it for years already, water and food resources may be available for them already.

Characters Analysis

Taking into account the fact that you are writing about a real struggle, you will definitely have something to say about the characters of the story. Maybe there is a good guy, who tries to rebuild his life. Maybe there is a bad one, who has survived, while the better characters have died. Whichever character you deal with, they all have a certain mission. Does the good guy have a kid he cares for? Is the bad guy willing to take over what remains of the previous life? What drives them? What is their reason for living? This is important to write about in your review, but do not get too emotional about the characters of the book since it’s not the time when you should express your dislike or anger towards them.

A purpose

So, the world has ended. Yes, we got it. But what is so important about it? What is the reader going to take away from the story? The question is not about a moral issue necessarily, but about some life story that has a meaning for the readers when they read it. Make sure to find out whether the reader feels something, when he’s done with the book. Maybe the author would like the readers to know that people will always find a way to survive? Or that love will always come through? Whatever the purpose is, make certain to include it into the review.

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