Sample Essay: “Scientists Prove Rose Colored Glasses Help”

rose colored glassRemember the good old song “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piath? Living a pink-tined life seems to be a pretty tempting idea. Besides, the scientists have proved that French icon got the point. According to the recent studies, people, who suffer from migraines, should consider wearing glasses with a rosy tint. This will bring them relief, reducing migraine pain and even eliminating this terrible headache completely.

The journal “Cephalagia” has revealed a study on 22 patients. Half of them were absolutely healthy, while the others had severe migraines. All of them were required to look at high contrast patterns that gave the illusion of movement. At the same time, they were asked to wear gray, rose-colored or clear lenses. The clear and gray lenses gave more comfort to the patients, with the rose-colored ones overcoming expectations.

In order to block the flickering blue-green light from the fluorescent lamps, the experts of the study used the FL-41 – the exact shade of rose. The lights mentioned before are the typical migraine triggers that tend to affect from 85% to 90% of patients. It is important to mention that the number of monthly migraine accounts from headache sufferers, who used FL-41-colored lenses for a period of 4 months, decreased from 6 to less than 2 cases.

Not only mere mortals, but also famous people suffer from migraines. At least one famous name is 100% among the migraine sufferers. It is Dwayne Wade. Miami Heat guard is a great fan of rose-tinted glasses. Since childhood, Wade has suffered from migraines. Every single day the man was supposed to wear rose tinted goggles in order to withstand migraine attacks during the NBA games.

Some of the patients give preference to the other colours as well. The research revealed by the “Cephalagia” tells the story about a 61 year old migraine patient Steve Druce, who chose the pale blue tint for his particular case. After numerous tests that Druce had to undergo, his optometrist recommended wearing the lenses of pale blue color. However, when viewing the results of the research that has been conducted, the statistics prove that rose color is the most effective.

When the migraine patients wonder whether looking at this world through the rose-colored glasses will help them to reduce the pain, it’s the right time to check in with the expert first.

The University of Toronto research has provided direct evidence that human’s mood can actually change the way visual cortex operates and the way we see the objects. Specifically the study performed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canada Research Chairs program shows that while being in a positive mood human’s visual cortex “absorbs” more details, while negative mood results in the so-called tunnel vision. In other words, the experts suggest that seeing the world around us through the rose colored glasses is more of physical matter rather than metaphorical.

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