A Step-by-Step Guide to ‘Save Water’ Essay Writing

The essay is an inevitable part of the learning process. It might be stressful for students, but it improves their learning at school, college or university. Basically, writing essays promotes a superficial understanding of topics. During their study, students encounter with the necessity to write essays on different topics. But the ‘save water’ topic remains one of the hottest topics in the word despite the fact that new technology is still being invented. The ‘Save Water’ essay is about an important role of water in our lives, why do we need to save water, and how can we save water on our planet.

This guide will help you with the assignment to write an essay as you will be provided with concise advice on some fundamental elements of academic writing. Besides, some practical tips on how to work on the topic “Save Water” are offered to you. Don’t neglect reading all this information till the end and have your essay written perfectly!

What Do We Know about Water beside We Run the Tap to Get It?

There were a lot of talks about water, nevertheless, there are so little to say when it comes to a question what people know about water. Surprisingly, but the water is still the most poorly known natural matter. Obviously, this is due to the fact that water is omnipresent: it is all around us, above us, below us, and in us. Water is many-sided, and its features are endless. At first glance, water is a simple chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, but, at the same time, water is the basis of life on Earth. Water itself has no nutritional value, but it is an indispensable component of all living things. Find out what water does for you in this article provided by the USGS Water Science School.

A certain and constant water maintenance is one of the necessary conditions for the existence of a living organism. If an amount of water consumed is changed, as well as its composition of salt, it would violate the processes of digestion and assimilation of food and blood formation. Without water, regulation of the body’s heat exchange with the environment and the maintenance of a constant body temperature is impossible. A person can live without water only a few days. It is reported that the loss of water up to 2% of body weight (1-1.5 liters) is a reason of a thirst, the loss of 6-8% is a reason of the semi-conscious state, the shortage of 10% is a reason of hallucinations and impaired swallowing. A death occurs when a loss of water is more than 12% of body weight. Therefore, saving water is a matter of great importance.

How to Save Water on the Planet Earth?

Mankind needs to apply efforts to deal with water pollution, but everyone separately might be the reason that the amount of drinking water is getting smaller every day. Below is a list of things that everyone can do and save water:

  • In the first place, repair or replace any leaking taps. This can save from 30 to 200 liters of water per day.
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. In this case, you can save 6-15 liters of water per minute.
  • The shower requires less water than a bathtub.
  • When washing dishes do not keep the tap running constantly. Turn on water only after soaping all dishes or wash all dishes with a small rush of water.
  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when it is fully loaded.
  • Do not thaw frozen food under running water from the tap. It is best to pre-shift foods from the freezer to the refrigerator.
  • Do not wash your car every day. Use the services of a car wash, where every car consumes considerably less amount of water. In addition, the chemicals that are used while washing your car, do not pollute the environment and remain on the floor of the car wash.
    • Essay Writing on “Save Water” Is Beneficial Both for You and Nature

      Hopefully, you think of saving water today, but it’s time to write an essay on this topic so that the others will think of it as well. Know that turning off the tap when brushing the teeth can save 6 liters of water per minute? Henceforward, you’ll be aware of this fact and inform the readers of your essay about some water saving tips. Besides the benefits of our nature, there are some benefits if you take on essay writing. Let’s consider 5 advantages you get while dealing with essay writing:

      1. You improve your reading and note-taking skills;
      2. You develop your critical and analytical thinking;
      3. You learn how to organize the ideas in a logical way;
      4. You learn how to argue or prove a fact;
      5. You start communicating effectively with a reader.

      So, keep in mind that you have to write an essay not only for your instructors to get a good mark (and it happens to be a good impulse for you) but also for yourself. Motivated to start writing a “Save Water” essay? Let’s go on!

      5 Steps in Writing an Essay on the Topic Like ‘Save Water’

      Focus on the Problem under Investigation

      Any problem offers an occasion for writing, and a focus on it governs what to say. The problem that you’re going to present is of great current interest. So it is important to put the most efforts to highlight this problem to the fullest extent:

      • Point out the keywords that make up the topic of your essay. You can identify some nouns, noun phrases or verbs for your topic. For example, besides the words “save” and “water”, apply for such words and phrases as “conserving water”, “freshwater sources”, “water shortage”, “water conservation”, “water cycle”, “use of water”, “supplies of fresh water”, and so on. Know why it is vital to list the keywords? First of all, you brainstorm some ideas for your essay in this way. Secondly, you will simplify the research process that is the next one after identifying the main concepts and terms relevant to the topic.
      • Review all the available literature related to the topic.
        essay problems
        This way, you are able to determine the approach towards examining and analyzing the issue. All your efforts should be aimed at problem-solving. You can read some background information on the topic that can be mentioned in your course syllabus (check it). Then, search for the reliable sources of information to find a relevant book or article on the topic, for example, the book “Water and Water Pollution” by Craig W. Allin or the articles “Why Is Water Important in a Human’s Daily Life?”, “Top Five Reasons Why Water Is Important to Our Everyday Life”. Additionally, you can research literature using 21 free online journal and research databases.

      Organize the Essay as Required

      Once you figure out what you want to say about the topic, you are left with the problem of how to say it effectively. Right? It is true that writing essays require that you come up with sophisticated, complex, and even creative ways of structuring your ideas. But there is a simple formula that works for every essay, every single time you get an assignment. Primarily, stick to the ‘Introduction – Body – Conclusion’ structure to organize your ‘Save Water’ essay.

      • Work on the introduction. Despite the fact that the body paragraphs make up the best part of an essay (more than the introductory paragraph), it is worth to think of how you would introduce such an important topic as water saving for a better life on the planet. In this part, you need to provide the context and indicate the main focus of your essay. Wondering, “How can I write an interesting, effective introduction to my essay?” Read this writing advice. However, you shouldn’t devote too much time to writing the introduction. Formulate a thesis statement in a sentence or two from which it will be convenient to bounce off in the body of your essay.
      • Develop the essay body. Here, you need to write down the main ideas you want your reader to get familiar with. In other words, ask yourself, “What does my reader need to know?” Then, ask yourself, “Why does he/she need to know it?” by naming some evidence. 35 water conservation facts are at your disposal. Keep in mind that every paragraph of the body should consist of one main idea. As an exception, it is allowed to divide too long paragraph into several ones but only with the purpose of simplifying the reading process of essay content.
      • Sum up all that is mentioned in your essay. It is called a ‘conclusion’ part where you bring closure to the reader by logical resolutions on the subject of saving water in the 21st and following centuries. For such a hot topic, it would be winning to end up with a call to action, a kind of “Let’s take a look at how our water is used, where waste persists, and how the modern technology can transform the way we conserve the water on the Earth”.

      The time has come when our guide is drawing to a close. And what we would like to say is that you shouldn’t be afraid of writing on such hot topics as “Save Water” or “Save Electricity”. Any essay is only as effective as you and the reader perceive the problem under the analysis. So, always keep it in mind and convince your readers and yourself by a strong argument or presentation of facts essential to the topic under discussion.

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