Science and Technology Essay

Science and technology essay has the purpose to identify how the progress of the species in science affects the development of the humanity in general. Nowadays, science and technology is a basis of the modern civilization. The era in which we live in may be fairly called the age of inventions. The development of science and technology has made a plenty of useful achievements not only in the fields of the everyday life but in the sphere of the professional world as well. These various gifts make our life easier and more comfortable and it is not the limit.

The importance of technology is reflected in its numerous benefits to society. There is a lot of the positive effects of technology that have revolutionized the human life. It has provided an incentive for the computer and the telecommunication development to make the world a smaller place where the Internet serving is an excellent communication platform, which connects people all over the world. Moreover, a digitization of information is the most significant breakthrough in the field of the information technology. In addition, the use of computers has improved an education and made it more interesting, interactive, and simple.

There is no secret that technology is blaming for the pollution, which contributes to the global warming but, at the same time, it also provides the solution to the problems. The scientists expect to find cleaner, renewable sources of energy so as to replace the limited supply of the fossil fuels as well as decrease the global warming and climate changes. Therefore, there is a solid research towards the new methods of producing power and electricity. The new approaches, such as wind turbines, solar power, and hydroelectric power, are under the examination and are continually subject to improve the effectiveness of the existing systems. Every day, the new research is being carried to enhance the systems included in the contemporary world. The new systems of eliminating waste and enhancing the efficiency of the distribution of electricity will benefit a majority of the people in the future by decreasing emissions. The projects like those involving cars that run on the cleaner fuels, such as gas or electricity, will also greatly shape the way the people live in the future; the energy efficient products, such as light bulbs, will also assist in making the environment cleaner.

The application of the appropriate technologies drives straight to the higher productivity, which is the core component of growth. Also, the benefits that undoubtedly follow the technological evolution are increasingly connected to the knowledge-intensive world, which is typical of the countries and companies adaptable to the rapidly changing environment and flexible to catch an advantage of the opportunities. Consequently, those who succeed will get the crucial advantages in reducing poverty and inequality.

Overall, it is obvious that science and society will continue to evolve in cooperation. The nature of this progression will absolutely be affected by the extent to which the governments set the funding priorities. The societies whose governments realize the necessity of the development of technology will get only the benefits. By reason of the indeterminism of the details of the new science and technology that will transform, the aspects of the social progression are also hard to predict.


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