Social Networking Increases Brand Marketing Success

social networkingSocial networking helps people to socialize with each other, to express their opinion in an informal mode, exchange news, photos and ideas. As for me, I am an active member of Facebook and Twitter, I like communicating with my friends, classmates and relatives. We like exchanging cool links, funny messages and pictures. It is a pleasure to post new photos, events and express your future plans and impressions. You know that your friends will get information that you want to share with them. Your friends will be always aware about your life and updates. And it’s really very comfortable to get all information in a convenient way. This is why promotion of different items and brands is successfully performed through social networks.

The Reasons of Success

Social networking is one of the most effective ways of brand marketing and goods promotion at the moment. The principal reasons for the success are that:

  • It’s a comparatively new mode of advertising. People perceive this information as a friendly advice.
  • People are very open in social networks; they place their personal information that is intended only for intimate people and it is easy for everybody to get a lot of information about the person.
  • When somebody wants to become your friend in Facebook, for example, you think that he or she has really sincere intentions and wants to communicate with you. You forget that it is a stranger who can use your account to sell you some items and to get some profit.
  • Social networks have very comfortable and useful tools that let people exchange information in the fastest, easiest and the most convenient way.
  • We usually check our accounts in social networks when we are at home, we feel relaxed and we have some time to enjoy the communication.

In addition, this way of advertising and promotion is one of the cheapest modes. Expenditures for it are nearly irreducible and the way to human hearts is the shortest.

Is There any Danger or Threat?

There are a lot of disputes and discussions about the possible harm of social networking. Some people tell that social networks affect children and young people in the wrong way. They consider that friends should meet and talk to each other face to face, that they have to play sport games and go camping. People are afraid, that social networking can isolate kids from real life, make them exercise not enough and go out very seldom. It can really damage health of the user. However, social networking means a lot for many modern people. It should not substitute physical activity and real-life communication. If it does, there can be some psychological reasons, such as luck of self-trust or fear of face-to-face contact. In other cases social networks can only help people socialize and find more friends.

Is Online Marketing Dangerous?

The other popular opinion is that providing your personal information online can be dangerous for you. For example, you give information about your house, express your joy about your new house or renovation in your room and then you leave a message that you are going for holidays. Modern burglars can easily read all of this information, find out your address and the dates when your family will be away and they can ransack your apartment. This is why it is useful to analyze all of the information you post. However, it is not good to afraid of something and to be not open enough. As to online marketing, I think, that it can affect our opinion more than we want it. As a result we can buy the things we could do without. However, we can analyze every message carefully and try to minimize this influence. On the other hand, you can affect opinion of other people by social networks as well.

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