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Report writing is necessary to achieve the academic success in any field of knowledge. Study report collects and evaluates the data obtained during the research. It aims to inform and, in some cases, to prove a certain point of view. As a rule, it is written clearly and succinctly, providing accurate evidence about a problem, trend or case. The study report sample illustrates the proper structure, content, and style used in the majority of the papers of this type.

marketingThe social network is an interactive website, which includes the specific environment where the users can communicate on the basis of the common interests. It also may take the form of the various forums, especially the narrowly focused ones, or the student portals. The modern society is concerned with the influence of the social networks on the teenagers. After all, adolescence (from 14 to 18 years) is the age of the active socialization. The ambiguity of the influence of social networks on the adolescent raises interest to study this problem and justifies the relevance of the topic.

Show the impact of the information space on the livelihoods and the socialization of the adolescents.

Methods: Observation, questioning, analyzing diagnostic data, comparison, compilation, and synthesis of the new knowledge. The practical significance of the work lies in revealing the current situation with the use of the social networks among the adolescents.

The students of 8th grade were surveyed in order to investigate the influence of the social networks on their personal life. The organization of research used a combined questionnaire with the open answers. As a result, 86 people between the ages of 14-16 years old male (39) and female (47) students took a part in the survey.

The results of the survey revealed

  • 76% of respondents visit the social networks;
  • up to half of the respondents (44%) resort to the social networks on a daily basis;
  • 49% of respondents consider the search for friends, classmates and chat with them as the main motive of using the social networking;
  • for 29% of respondents, the social networking is a way of communication;
  • among the services provided by the social network, 52% of high school teens indicate the communication method as the one that allows saving time and money;
  • 32% of respondents recognize that the use of social networks has helped them in their personal lives and communication with friends;
  • only 30% of high school teenagers say that the social networks have a positive impact on their academic performance, 28% say that it impacts negatively, and 42% cannot decide it for sure;
  • more than half of respondents (63%) do not use the social network in preparation for the exams but 37% of respondents use the possibilities of the social networks during the learning process.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there is a belief that the technical environment negatively affects the human body as it weakens the physical and biological activity. There is another statement to appear: the technical environment is the development of the intellectual abilities. It should be remembered that the social network is an interactive web site, which provides the open communication and has a wide range of both useful and dangerous possibilities. As a direct appeal to the mind and the physical condition of the person, the impact of the social networks should be thoughtful, competent, and safe for user’s health.

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