“This I Believe” Essay

This type of an essay is supposed to represent an individual’s own claim about personal belief. This assignment may be quite challenging, as it demands thorough self-investigation, and a lot of individuals consider it complicated to start. To write a good essay on this topic, it is necessary to follow the next tips. Firstly, an author should be specific: he or she should take his/her own story that has shaped his/her own key values. Then, This I Believe essay requires to be brief and accurate. Thus, rather than creating a list, the author should focus on a single key belief to tell about. Furthermore, this assignment is expected to be personal and positive: the author should tell the story of the one’s life and make it life-asserting. According to these requirements, here is a sample of This I Believe essay.

unrequited love phrasesMost people have their special stories, which have shaped their key life values. In my life, this story happened when I was seven years old. My grandfather took me to visit his friend who was alone and thus lived in the nursing home. My grandfather and Mr. Bennett were close friends since their young years so we visited him every weekend. When we came to see Mr. Bennet that hot summer Sunday, he suggested me to play chess. I responded that I did not know how to play. However, Mr. Bennett insisted and promised me to teach this game, as, according to him, it is the best way to think.

Thus, we started our training and I was very excited about that experience. When I won for the first time, I felt happy and started to play more confidently. My ambition was to beat Mr. Bennett for three times successively and when I finally did that, I felt quite satisfied. What made me wonder was Mr. Bennett’s attitude towards my success: he seemed truly happy for me.

When we came back home, my grandfather explained to me that Mr. Bennett did not feel my wins as his failures. Instead, he was proud of having such a gifted and smart student. He was a school teacher for thirty years and believed that his mission was to share his knowledge and skills with others. That was what contributed to his personal understanding of happiness. This idea made me think a lot and has finally led me to the training college a lot of years after. Following Mr. Bennett, I feel that teaching others is my destiny and this duty makes my life full and balanced.

I strongly believe every individual can feel truly happy only when contributing to others’ lives. There are a lot of ways to do that and teaching is just one of the many tools. It enriches my life and encourages me to wake up on mornings. Day by day, it forces me to research new spheres and issues to be able to satisfy my students’ curiosity. I believe the simplest way to feel content is to provide people with the knowledge and encourage them to think. Finally, this belief makes me promote self-development and experience the best life I could ever imagine.

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