5 Unusual Ways to Wake Up for Real All Nighters

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If you are a late nighter, it must be hard to survive in the environment where you are required to get up early and start your day at 7 a.m. On the one hand, night is a sweet time when all the fun happens. On the other hand, night is much more quiet than day, which means it’s the perfect time to do the studying. Whatever you choose, the biggest challenge is often to wake up in the morning on a school day.

While an alarm clock serves as a universal solution for those who cannot wake up on their own, it does not always help. Even if the sound of your alarm is loud enough, you can usually just snooze it and go back to sleeping. Some people need much harsher methods of waking them up, and five of them are listed below.

1. Jumping Alarm Clock

Its name might sound not that impressive, but this sea-mine-shaped alarm clock actually starts vibrating and jumping around when it sets off. Moreover, it flashes with different colors, which makes it even harder for you to ignore it. Its alarm sound is going to be one of the most annoying things you have ever heard in your life. Such are the attributes that the clock’s distributors promise to the potential owners.

2. A “runaway” alarm clock

“Clocky” is the name of an alarm clock that has two wheels which start spinning the moment it sets off. It was developed by a graduate student who had a problem waking up early himself. Clocky survives falls from the table and easily gets under the sleeper’s bed. After a person spends some time trying to find the runaway clock, all sleep will be gone.

3. Bacon alarm clock

This unusual invention is a set — it consists of a phone app and a special smell-releasing device. When the time comes, the device (connected to a sleeper’s phone via a headphones jack) produces the smell of frying bacon, and the app plays the sound of a sizzling pan.

4. Alarm Clock Pillow

The idea is being developed by Sony. It is not just a vibrating pillow that will wake you up at the set time, but it will also have a movement sensor to measure your sleep quality — it will start only after it makes sure you’ve left the REM stage. This way, you will be able to get up feeling refreshed.

5. High Voltage Ejector Bed

Constructed by Colin Furze, the bed will literally throw the heavy sleeper out at the set time. In the normal state, the bed is folded, but when the alarm goes off, the thing unfolds at a fast speed. For the maximum effect, the process is accompanied by the sound of trumpets and flashing lights. The Ejector Bed is probably too extreme and dangerous, but it surely is effective.

It looks like a lot of people have the problem of waking up in the morning. This is why they’ve been developing a lot of crazy tools to get one out of bed, which is usually too warm and cozy. There is always something that will work best for you, whether it is the smell of bacon, a jumping little naughtiness, a smart pillow, or an aggressive bed. Having a motivation to wake up early often helps the best.

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