Academic Writing and YouTube: Bored to Read Some Tips? Just Watch Them!

looking for writing tipsAcademic writing is an essential part of any studying process. Without properly written paper assignments, students won’t be able to graduate successfully. And it always requires learning and following a lot of rules. However, what could sound more boring than memorizing rules?

It does not matter how well-written a guide book is; most students will have difficulties studying it. Information from the textbook is not the type of information that we normally process and utilize. This is the way to learn facts, but not to digest them and turn into experience. Moreover, it is hard to properly engage a person with exclusively textual information, especially when there are distractions like YouTube. So why not combine the two — learning process and open-access videos — and look at how this might be helpful?

Daniel L. Schwartz and Kevin Hartman of Stanford University have studied the role of digital videos in the learning process. They have found that video and multimedia in general can have many implications not only for learning, but also for the assessment of the materials learned. They concluded that scripted videos can effectively provide new information to the viewer and engage them, help them to memorize the materials. Interactive video would be most effective here; it questions the viewer and makes him or her think and search for the solutions.

Video materials can trigger our interest easily. A person talking onto the camera might make the whole learning friendlier and more personalized. If a video presents a process, then the viewer will likely try to mimic it. Videos can explain the process by showing it entirely. The viewer’s brain processes the information by making the necessary connections between the elements displayed in it. A good video also stimulates the viewer to recall the information which has just been learned. Recollection helps memorizing things through not just repetition, but through storing information, and then its retrieval in your brain.

For those who are looking for the ways to find some good and helpful videos explaining academic writing and all its nuances, it is enough to type “academic writing” into a search field on YouTube. There is a lot of learning materials on the topic which vary from general eHow tips to long lectures and specific issues from a range of universities.

In order to get started with academic writing, you can check a video on the general structure and general tips by eHow. The following video can be a good example and it concerns the main rules of academic writing which are a must for students. An overview of academic style is something that you will surely need to understand and, of course, there is a video workshop on this topic.

A really good channel with concise explanations of the key concepts and topics is Smrt English. All the interactive teaching on academic writing is performed by Shaun Macleod whose style is both engaging and intelligent.

From this point, you can explore the subject of academic writing further and find a video series that will best suit your learning style and your particular query. The number of digital interactive tools presented on YouTube alone will make the learning process more engaging and the information memorable. Do not bore yourself to death, but better try a handy and proven method of learning.

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