5 Places Where You Are Supposed to Write Your Best Essays Ever

You all know the feeling when you need to write, say, an essay, but it seems like you can’t make yourself even create the first sentence. You have no inspiration or motivation whatsoever, and, what is more, Netflix has released the 2nd season of Stranger Things. You have tried several productivity methods as well as resorted to using distraction-free apps. But everything’s in vain. So, what is the problem? The truth is that you may feel too relaxed and comfortable at home in your cozy spot, and your mind just can’t pick that working wave. That’s why you need to consider the alternatives that we are going to tell you about. One of them will certainly become your perfect working spot where you will write your best essays ever!

1. Your Friend’s House

Firstly, it’s easier to solve some home tasks in a group. Secondly, you will change the environment which can enhance your productivity. And, thirdly, the research proves that when you sit next to a person who is concentrated and works productively, this kind of mood is contagious, so you will copy the behavior model and will be able to focus better and be more productive. So, schedule a session at your friend’s place and plan your writing!

2. Art Gallery

Another research has showed that when you work in an environment decorated with pieces of art, it helps to lower the stress, boost your creativity and enhance your opinion expression. Like what else do you need? You’re loaded with homework and deadlines, but for some reasons can’t start completing them. Because of this, you feel anxious and stressed, thus unable to focus. But here is the pill from all these problems – an art gallery. It will put you in the right mood.

3. White Noise Place

If the silence presses you, maybe that’s the signal for you to try something nosier. Scientists have discovered that when people are placed in an environment with a moderate noise level, they choose more correct answers as well as become more creative. What you can do is go to cafes or co-working places and attempt writing an essay there. If you don’t want to or can’t leave home, there are also special apps like Coffitivity that can generate the noise you need.

4. Library

In 2015 a student association surveyed about 3000 learners to find out why they go to study in libraries, and 77% of them told that they choose this public place to study on their own. A little bit strange because in libraries you can never be alone, but the secret lies in the atmosphere: you come to the hall and understand that this is it – you will seriously sit and complete the task.

5. Park

It is widely known that the green color has a calming effect on people’s minds, and the nature look is like a double kill for your brain – green views, fresh air and a bit of white noise … The essay will write itself without your help!
Test out all these variants to find your perfect spot for essay writing because maybe that’s the thing that you have lacked all this time. And you’ll never know if you don’t try.

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