Best Essay Editing Service Ready at Hand: How to Edit Your Paper with No Money Wasting

It is interesting how people choose paid options much more often than free ones. And do you know why? Because they don’t want to bother: in order to keep fit without paying for the gym you need to try several apps, spend the time to create your individual program and surf through a lot of articles to find necessary information. And it’s the same with everything.

Given the fact that you’re a student, thus, you don’t earn that much money, so you have no other choice except for making some effort and taking advantage of free options out there. And today you’ll find out how to save up some extra cash on editing by using free “at hand” solutions. So, here they are!

1. Your Friend

Who can provide you with the best essay editing service without wanting a dime for it? That’s right – your true friend who knows how the proofreading goes has a general idea of what your professor wants and has a sharp eye for someone else’s mistakes.

2. Good Old Barter

If your friend isn’t good at checking texts, well, you have another option – find a student who is in good terms with English writing and negotiate a deal where he/she will edit and proofread your paper while you will do something for them. But the most important thing is to determine the conditions of this agreement, especially your part so that your helper wouldn’t put you in a dead-end with their requests.

3. Your Relatives

And why not? Maybe they will be able to see the errors your friend or fellow student has missed. Moreover, a fresh view on your writing will never hurt.

4. Another Font

For this incredible hack, you even don’t need another person. The thing is that when you write a text, your eyes get used to the sight and don’t notice the mistakes. But if you leave your writing for some time and, then, change the font of the text, it will seem as if you read the paper written by someone else, and, as a result, you will spot much more inconsistencies.

5. Voice Typing

If you’re not that good at spelling, you can make sure everything’s ok by using Voice Typing function in Google Docs. This is a speech-to-text technology that will eliminate the possibility of spelling errors, and, what is more, will make you read your text out loud – this is another proofreading technique that allows for detecting problems in the overall sense.

6. Hemingway Website

This free online application gives you suggestions on correcting adverb usage, passive voice frequency as well as simplifying some complicated sentences or phrases. This is a great tool that can be used as a supplement to all other editing techniques.

Well, if you choose to follow our advice and choose free proofreading options, then we also recommend using two or three of them simultaneously because together they will reduce the risk of missing some serious mistakes. So, start looking for volunteers to read your paper and set forth for the error quest!

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